Halebidu – An Architectural beauty.

This is the most favorite place on the face of the earth for me. I love sitting there for a long time and daydreaming. I do not have the count how many times I been there. Halebeedu (search in net for: halebeedu, halebeed, halebid or dwarasamudra) is one of the very skilled works I have seen.

There are many reasons why I go there. One is its uniqueness; it is built in Hoysala style – very different from any other south Indian temples (tamilnadu is kingdom of temples; most of all other state temples are built in the same of architectural style, except few historical ones). Second is it is very calm – only Pease lovers come here, god lovers go to the other similar temple nearby belur. And third reason is the surrounding, it’s green.

11 thoughts on “Halebidu – An Architectural beauty.

  1. The Belur temple is full of exotic sculptures. One cannot ignore the difference between the artistic superiority of Hoysala sculptures over the rough-hewn nature of Vijayanagar sculptures, for though the Hoysala kings had begun the construction of the temple, it was completed by the Vijayanagar rulers. Personally, I was more attracted to the Halebidu Temple. I virtually fell in love with a beautiful salabhanjika of Halebidu temple—what a heavenly beauty she is!—her figure, fashion, neatly trimmed eyebrows and deep communicating eyes were all a source for adoration. A thousand complements to the unknown sculptor who carved her out in the distant past!


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