The genetic origin of Indians – variation in a glance

It was obvious, although not socially accepted. Brahmins-dalits, dravidians-aryans, hindus-muslims christians-jews, when it comes to India they are already mixed! Every is has certain percentage of someone else. Not a good news for many, but hey I dint make this up 🙂

Here, a post gives you a breakdown of socially defined races by percentage of actual %age races. Its statistical data, so there will be +/- error, but in general they make a lot of sense to me. If you disagree, send your toothbrush.

Also, he draws few semi-conclusions based on data. One of them is

South Indian Brahmins claim northern Indo-Aryan origins. The genetics certainly bear this out, albeit with some probable admixture with the local substrate. There are many specific questions which can be asked and answered. The Cochin and Bene Israel Jews of the west coast of India clearly do have highly elevated Middle Eastern components of ancestry, though they are highly admixed with the native populations. My own question: do the Nasrani Christians truly descend from Jews? I would have dismissed this outright a few months ago, but I am not sure sure now. The western coast of India seems to have long-standing connections to southern Arabia, so we need to flesh out these patterns in more detail.

And, finally the breakdown

The genetic origin of Indians

South-Indians , North-Indians and hypocrisies

Nobody needs to teach Indian hypocrisy and stereotyping; it’s a gift in their blood. We love to laugh at another person’s mole on his nose, while we are standing in a pit full of cow dung. South Indians disliking north Indians, North Indians don’t like south Indians and both together dislike north-east Indians. In fact North-east Indians itself is new usage, for the rest of India they are just “Chinkis”. It’s not racist, just sense of humor.

One more thing common among all of them is “my daddy … Strooongest!!!’. We have the best culture, language, community and nature; we are best analyzers, psychologists and of course rest of them live in a fish pond. Those people don’t like Mohanlal to be hero in this age are O.K with Rishi Kapur dancing with girl of his grand daughter’s age. We are O.K with Salman Khan’s pink trouser but Vijaykanth’s yellow shirt is so funny.

One of the most general and popular “happy to be ignorant” story is about a place called Madras in India. People live there are madarassis. For south Indians it is one metropolitan city which is now named as Chennai. But unfortunately for north Indians it is a wide unexplored area comes in south to Maharashtra and Orissa. (For north east Indians it does not matter. Geographically south India has four different states and six to seven different languages, for north Indians it is just madras. The rest of the India thinks whole madras speaks one language Tamil and they survive with Idly Sambar Vada. We made a big deal when Celebrity big brother’s sister did not learn Shilpa’s name isn’t it?

Knowing Hindi is one more misconception around. People worried why rest of the world not bothered learn Hindi. Well why should they? States are organized as linguistic regions. Every state has its own language; they are official and national language as Hindi. Why complain people over there don’t understand my language?

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Halebidu – An Architectural beauty.

This is the most favorite place on the face of the earth for me. I love sitting there for a long time and daydreaming. I do not have the count how many times I been there. Halebeedu (search in net for: halebeedu, halebeed, halebid or dwarasamudra) is one of the very skilled works I have seen.

There are many reasons why I go there. One is its uniqueness; it is built in Hoysala style – very different from any other south Indian temples (tamilnadu is kingdom of temples; most of all other state temples are built in the same of architectural style, except few historical ones). Second is it is very calm – only Pease lovers come here, god lovers go to the other similar temple nearby belur. And third reason is the surrounding, it’s green.

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