9 thoughts on “Now., how to get down ?

  1. That was too good. Honsetly it reminds me 2 places. One Meke daaTu which I have just heard about., other Kudure hejje in Chitradurga which I have visited myself. Kudre hajje is a place in Chitradurgada kallina koTe, the rocks are too huge & there are hejje’s which are like made out by Horses. Its just a place where Horses can place their foot on. It was too fun when me & my cousins went up on thise hejjes, the return route was sooooo scary! It was all fun, some 1.5 decades back…Great Memories.


  2. I have heard & read about Shivagange, its very much a trekking place. I don’t do trekking since its really hard. I know lot of friends who do this & hence heard about it. Also I have that outlook Travel kit. It says some 52 weekends in & around bangalore. Shivagange is listed there. I shall read through your experience sometime soon.


  3. Shivgange is not exactly a trekking spot. Tall hill and climb steep steps ( there are too many of them ) . It may be tiring but not dangerous . And also we don’t need much trekking preparation, just stamina.


  4. One of the horrible place I can collect is Konai Falls ( Kailash Kona ). Some where near Andhra Pradesh border, we went from chennai (in the way to Tirumala, don’t remember the name of the Town/Village)


  5. Hai everybody
    That place is called Sadasiva konai. This is very famous during shivarathri. The place has a falls and nearby a shiv linga. There is no road. but raw path to walk. people walk with torches and buning tyres since the shivratri happens to be just one day before amavasya. Close to the falls it is vry natural beauty , no one can escape from enjoying if you reach


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