Damn you! Assyrian hunter!

Taken from a daily photo(food)blog of a Mesopotamian geek’s post named “We had yellow cat for diner!”. Post was published on 1434 BC(just a number, but century is correct), and he sent a tweet about it (obviously nobody read it). Blogname was “Assyrian foodblog”.

Currently this is archived in  British museum.

damn you! Assyrian hunter!
damn you! Assyrian hunter!

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Jaya-Vijaya and a secular taliban story

Jaya and Vijaya were twins who worked in a security company. They guard almost all Hindu temples.

Some five hundred years ago General of Aurangazeb army mallikafur who was running a demolition drive, stopped by. That time he had an assignment to demolish illegal building from India’s map. The criteria were, the building is illegal if it was hindu/Jain/Buddhist places of worship. Technologies ten was not advanced then, or may be they dint import a bulldozer or a land mover. He used to manage with hammer.

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Gods, demons, dancers, soldiers etc.

These are rest of the photos of Halebidu. Reference to my previous post Halebidu an architectural beauty

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