Book : Bible of Aryan Invasion

It’s very natural that a person has affection over me, myself and mine ( ours ). For example, Compare to all culture in the world mine is the best. No matter how illogical and arrogant is the argument, every person has a word to say about mine/ours. Most of them need not have relevance to the present at all and also evidence of which is buried thousands of years ago.

The discussion can be, which race is better ? Who had better civilization ? Which country had a better history ( forget the presence or future ) ? Which religion is better ? Whose god is better ? Etc. etc. Come to India . We have some more matters to taken care in addition. Is north India is better or south ? Which language s better (usually this is Tamil –

Saraswati river vedic civilization
Saraswati river vedic civilization

Hindi argument in internet). Which state is better? Religion and race, who’s is better? Which caste? Which sub caste? Which class? Which faith? Which god? Boy..!! You ask for it. Its there!

One of the topics I was interested in learning was AIT (Aryan invasion theory). Its Almost 100 years, since they proposed theory of AIT. Still there is lot to talk about it and lot to discover also. Fight is between the theories “Aryans actually original inhabitants of India” or “came from outside”. Originally AIT stated by German scholar max Muller, later opposed furiously by one group and opposed by another. Every one wants to prove they are the original forefathers of great India. There was an online book about AIT defining completely different story, title is Bible of Aryan Invasions ( update: the site is banned in india, try these links : light, sabha. If one has no idea about what Indian races and history, will completely get miss-lead by this theory. The book is highly confused between history and mythology. I completely read the book twice, and the summary is “every foreigner came to India since 2000 BC is Aryan, every war happened in India is Aryan – Dravidian”. If given time author world have proved the meteoroids hit in Jurassic age were also Aryan ones. The book is written more with outburst and less with common sense.The author classifies invasions with chronological order. There are around 20 Aryan invasions, starting from rig Vedic Aryan invasion to republic
India the first
six of them are based on Veda , purana and Mahabharata

  1. Rig Vedic Aryan Invasion (1500 BC)
  2. Second Aryan Invasion (1400 BC)
  3. The Krishnaite (Third) Aryan Invasion (1200 BC)
  4. Mahabharata Aryan Invasion (900-800 BC)
  5. Fifth (Solar) Aryan Invasion (800 BC)
  6. Ramaite Aryan Invasion & Dravidian Holocaust (600 BC)

The book proposes a historic event(s) with reference of mythology and stories. Nobody yet proved great wars of Ramayana and Mahabharata were real. Most of the things described in these epics are imaginary. The heroes and bad guys in both possess powers and capacities that a normal human being can’t imagine at all. Now can this kind of scriptures be proof of an event happened on human race?

If at all they are considered to be true, and historic, the chronology in which they are presented is completely wrong. Ramaite Aryan Invasion is projected later than The Krishnaite Aryan Invasion. Both history (if they are true) and mythology says otherwise. Now with this kind of messing up, how to believe chronology of rest of them. Some more “truths” described:

Krishna destroyed the surviving traces of the Indus Valley civilization, abducting and raping 16000 women (low-caste `gopis’) of the races he exterminated“.

Krishna himself was a Sheppard, a Gopal or dada (if he considers as low-caste) and gopi’s are his friends. This is well known fact for one who knows Krishna. Now does The Krishnaite Aryan Invasion make sense? The revolt by the non-Aryans and mixed races led to the terrible Mahabharatan War between the Aryan Pandavas on one side and the mixed race Kauravas and black aboriginals on the other

Anyone who read Mahabharata knows pandavas and kauravas are cousins. They fought for land, not race. There goes Mahabharatan Aryan Invasion.The 6th Aryan invasion of the deep South (Dravidia) by the armies of `Lord’ Ram led to the fall of the Rakshasa (Dravidian) empire & the destruction of the splendid city of

Rama kills ravana, and gives throne to ravana’s brother; also he does not destroy the city. Anyway these are mythologies. I seriously do not understand which version of mythologies author referred.

The next part explores Indian history. As usual, every Indian war/battle is fight between Aryan and other races. Those who won are Aryans and lost are Dravidians, Semites, Nagas what not. It is very simple to build a thesis like this. Find one battle happened in India say Kargil war. now add Aryan invasion to it prove it kargil Aryan invasion. Nice isn’t it? Greeks, Romans, Mongols, Muslims, Mughals, Portuguese, English, French… all are Aryans here. Find a year they came to India and add Aryan invasion end of their name. Congratulation, you created one more Aryan invasion.According to the book some of the Aryan invasions are ( please observe the words Aryan Islamic invaders, Buddhist Aryan Invasion etc)

  • Greek Aryan Invasions (c. 320 BC – 100 BC) Kautilya the Brahmin used his pupil Candra Gupta to encourage Alexander the Great to invade India. Greek arms and soldiers enabled Candra Gupta to conquer Magadha and establish a Brahminist state
  • Buddhist Aryan Invasion (260 BC): Askoka, King of Aryan Magadha. His attack on Kolarian Kalinga led to the horrible Kalinga War, in which 200,000 black aboriginals were killed & countless more enslaved. Several wars with the aboriginal races were waged.
  • Islamic Caliphate: however. Here the Aryan Brahmins collaborated with the Aryan Islamic invaders from Central Asia and maintained the apartheid Varna system.
  • Mughal Caliphate of Islam : Here the Aryan Brahmins collaborated with the Aryan Islamic invaders from Central Asia and maintained this inhuman institution.
  • European Aryan Invasions (1500s-1947) :

i. Portuguese Aryan Invasion : The Brahmins collaborated with the Portuguese invaders in order to subjugate the Sudroids and to destroy the Islamic empire they had helped build up. The Portuguese adopted the Vedic apartheid system, and spread it to their colonies in the Americas, leading to mass human misery with the creation of apartheid caste systems in Brazil and the Caribbean. With the help of the Aryan Brahmans, the Portuguese Aryan invaders managed to conquer Malabar. The Portuguese allowed their white cousins to maintain the apartheid Varna system of Manu in most of Malabar, and even adopted some of its features in

ii. English Aryan Invasion : the Brahmin Aryans, as part of their anti-Sudra and newly acquired anti-Islam policies, heart fully collaborated with their cousins the Anglo-Saxon Aryans. The Aryan Anglo-Saxon invaders were also supported by the Indo-Aryans, especially the Brahmans

Now come to independent India. The book defines masteries of AIT. It might be summarized as “Aryan north India got independence from Aryan British and Aryan Pakistanis also got independence from Aryan British and. Aryan Gandhi and Aryan Nehru..” etc. It goes on. Like there are male-female , only Aryan – Dravidian author can think about. You read it.

India (1947 – ) : TheRepublic ofIndia officially perpetrated the pro-Aryan government of the English. Thus, Sudra Religion (Saivism) is not recognized as a separate religion, but they are classed, along with all Sudra Blacks, as (Aryan) Hindus. It has been shown that they are not the Hindus. This was mainly due to the racist anti-Sudra M.K.Gandhi, who prevented the British, and later the Indian Government from enacting such legislation. `Khari Boli’ Hindi, heavily sanskritised, is, along with English, the co-official language of
India, and is expanding rapidly at the expense of Dravidian tongues

There are some arguments here, which I found completely silly and illogical. 1. Andhra , Orissa , Rajasthan and srilanka special kind of states. When some one attacked on these states that are Aryan invasion. When these states attack on some one it again Aryan invasion.

I was completely confused with this theory everything happened inIndia is because of Aryans, every natural calamity, oil rate, tsunami .. Whatnot. You can prove anything like this. Some of them are2. “The most recent detailed study written of the relevant documents in fact arrives at the conclusion that it was the Congress that insisted on partition. It was Jinnah who was against partition“. Yeh…!! Right. And Indian people were against independence and British are for since World War 1.

3. “The harsh Brahmin-engineered Bengal famines of the 1940s led to the death of 16 millions“. Can you interpret this statement and get a valid meaning in any language ? I am still unable to understand what he wanted to say here ?

4. “No Black Sudra hero or heroine, Dravidian, Untouchable, South Indian, Adivasi, Dalit, or otherwise, has ever made any name in `Bollywood’, the North Indian cinema industry.” Does this remind you the recent survey by The Hindu daily newspaper ” no dalit in top 300 journalists ” ?

5. . Buddha will suicide, if he reads this “The Aryanised religions of Jainism and Buddhism entered South India. Although these religions were liberal with Aryan castes, and Buddha was in fact a Mongoloid, these faiths kept the fundamental Aryan-Sudroid apartheid Varna system. The Aryan Sinhalese Buddhists, invading from East India, meanwhile, exterminated the entire population of native black Dravidoids”

6 “In every South Indian town one can see the white-skinned merchant dominating the business scene. Whether he is Marwari, Brahmin, Sikh or Punjabi, he enjoys protected status from the Aryan government in New Delhi. All the major companies in operation in the South, from Reliance to the State Bank of India, today are Aryan-controlled.

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  1. You must be a black South Indian. A damn Dravidian. I’m proud to be North Indian and Aryan and we are the real Aryans and proud to be one. Your article is complete bull shit. Brush up on your history and English.


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