Seriously, what’s the deal with F1?

For years I struggled to understand the hype about F1, What is so entertaining about this race where few ugly looking cars racing each other and collide? I honestly and cordially gave a few attempts to watch this game; I was bored to my core in fifth minute, every time. It was more boring than watching chess, for which I probably could gather little more patience, may be half an hour.

Seriously, what’s the deal with F1? Let me see,, to start with, this is an over expensive entertainment where only rich teams get to race and rest sit and watch. Each racing team has its own R&D team, who continuously research on their model, to make it more fast and efficient. They come up with a highly dynamic car (car is it?), which almost look like a mutated frog. These cars are completely useless outside those circuits; you can’t drive them on the roads without risking lives of you and people around you. Besides this, they have a big team of helpers, paid just to change the tyres and fill fuel, greatest job on earth. And then there are these star drivers with their costume covered with stickers from the fuel companies, most of them read “burn our oil”. Looks like I have endless complaints.

Formula One
Formula One - image via Wikipedia

Totally pointless, just like golf. You know golf! Hitting a ball with a stick and walking behind it! Apparently this is another multi-billion dollar sports (sports!?). But at least golf can be customised to your pocket, can be played in your backyard. F1 is not your cup of tea, unless you are a billionaire and don’t have a way to burn your money.

Surprisingly, it has a big fan following in India. I recall my college days, when it had more fan followers than tennis and basketball, combined (India dint even have F1 then). It’s the same crowd which read “The Alchemist”, watched “Chicago” and listened to “Cradle of filth”. Simple rule, if you follow something which a layman can’t understand, you are the man!

Anyways, Indian government agree with me on this, rather its other way round. It said that Formula One race “does not satisfy conditions which focus on human endeavour for excelling in competition with others, keeping in view the whole sports movement from Olympic downwards.” Ministry says “Formula One is expensive entertainment and the outcome is determined by technology hence it is not ‘pure sports’”. Totally makes sense, India doesn’t need F1. Instead same R&D team can be dedicated to do something more useful in same area, may be making electric car more efficient.

I am waiting to see a day when this hype dies down, and all this money spent on something useful.

*****Update 02/07******

I have one more thing to add here, on F1 “being sports”. What are we judging here? Is it technology? Or ability of the driver? Or just efficiency of pit boys?. My point is, if you want to judge few drivers then you need to give all of them same car. If you give different (technology wise) cars to different drivers then you simply do not have a scientific methodology to decide the victor.

This post makes few more points, please read

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Book : Bible of Aryan Invasion

It’s very natural that a person has affection over me, myself and mine ( ours ). For example, Compare to all culture in the world mine is the best. No matter how illogical and arrogant is the argument, every person has a word to say about mine/ours. Most of them need not have relevance to the present at all and also evidence of which is buried thousands of years ago.

The discussion can be, which race is better ? Who had better civilization ? Which country had a better history ( forget the presence or future ) ? Which religion is better ? Whose god is better ? Etc. etc. Come to India . We have some more matters to taken care in addition. Is north India is better or south ? Which language s better (usually this is Tamil –

Saraswati river vedic civilization
Saraswati river vedic civilization

Hindi argument in internet). Which state is better? Religion and race, who’s is better? Which caste? Which sub caste? Which class? Which faith? Which god? Boy..!! You ask for it. Its there!

One of the topics I was interested in learning was AIT (Aryan invasion theory). Its Almost 100 years, since they proposed theory of AIT. Still there is lot to talk about it and lot to discover also. Fight is between the theories “Aryans actually original inhabitants of India” or “came from outside”. Originally AIT stated by German scholar max Muller, later opposed furiously by one group and opposed by another. Every one wants to prove they are the original forefathers of great India. There was an online book about AIT defining completely different story, title is Bible of Aryan Invasions ( update: the site is banned in india, try these links : light, sabha. If one has no idea about what Indian races and history, will completely get miss-lead by this theory. The book is highly confused between history and mythology. I completely read the book twice, and the summary is “every foreigner came to India since 2000 BC is Aryan, every war happened in India is Aryan – Dravidian”. If given time author world have proved the meteoroids hit in Jurassic age were also Aryan ones. The book is written more with outburst and less with common sense.The author classifies invasions with chronological order. There are around 20 Aryan invasions, starting from rig Vedic Aryan invasion to republic
India the first
six of them are based on Veda , purana and Mahabharata

  1. Rig Vedic Aryan Invasion (1500 BC)
  2. Second Aryan Invasion (1400 BC)
  3. The Krishnaite (Third) Aryan Invasion (1200 BC)
  4. Mahabharata Aryan Invasion (900-800 BC)
  5. Fifth (Solar) Aryan Invasion (800 BC)
  6. Ramaite Aryan Invasion & Dravidian Holocaust (600 BC)

The book proposes a historic event(s) with reference of mythology and stories. Nobody yet proved great wars of Ramayana and Mahabharata were real. Most of the things described in these epics are imaginary. The heroes and bad guys in both possess powers and capacities that a normal human being can’t imagine at all. Now can this kind of scriptures be proof of an event happened on human race?

If at all they are considered to be true, and historic, the chronology in which they are presented is completely wrong. Ramaite Aryan Invasion is projected later than The Krishnaite Aryan Invasion. Both history (if they are true) and mythology says otherwise. Now with this kind of messing up, how to believe chronology of rest of them. Some more “truths” described:

Krishna destroyed the surviving traces of the Indus Valley civilization, abducting and raping 16000 women (low-caste `gopis’) of the races he exterminated“.

Krishna himself was a Sheppard, a Gopal or dada (if he considers as low-caste) and gopi’s are his friends. This is well known fact for one who knows Krishna. Now does The Krishnaite Aryan Invasion make sense? The revolt by the non-Aryans and mixed races led to the terrible Mahabharatan War between the Aryan Pandavas on one side and the mixed race Kauravas and black aboriginals on the otherContinue reading “Book : Bible of Aryan Invasion”