My Experiments with cooking

‘Anyone can cook. ‘ But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he (chef Gustavo) meant. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist *can* come from *anywhere* – The Famous by Anton Ego (movie Ratatouille)

chef Gustavo – Ratatouille

Well. That’s not me.

Beyond all reasonable doubts, that’s definitely not me. You can never ever confuse me, even remotely – as a cook; leave alone a chef. Probably that’s the reason you don’t see a category for cooking in my blog, also any posts.

There is no shame in accepting that historically my cooking was limited to recipes of ice cubes and lemonades. Well, that, if you exclude me turning sheeks in Barbecue Nation considered as cooking.

Good people at my household did not trust me around the kitchen, and there are several reasons for it.

  1. My well-wishers did not trust me around the kitchen flame. For me, it was logical to believe a bigger flame can cook the dish faster. Hint: It does not.
  2. I am a curious animal. I tend to open the lid of the blender/mixer to check the consistency. Hint: Don’t do it while running.
  3. I tend to pick the wrong utensil for the wrong dish. Transferring midway through the process is a nightmare, and trust me, people don’t like it.
  4. Although I am good at cleaning, people don’t appreciate its need of having done in the first place. Apparently, avoiding a mess is vital.

There are several other reasons, but you get it. Every time I volunteered to contribute, I was told to get out of the kitchen and was asked to sit in the corner and play with my blog!!

Then about a year back, COVID lockdown happened, and cooking became a matter of survival. Trust me, there are only so many days you can eat noodles in a cup before you start hating it. Ordering-in or eating-out were ruled out. The only option was to cook and eat, burnt or otherwise. So that’s the story. As of today, I am yet to graduate basic cooking. However, one thing for sure, if I am stranded like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, I will survive without having eaten a football 🙂

Here, some photos of my plate and some good stuff on it.

Disclaimer: although I am claiming varying degrees of credits for these, I am obligated to announce I had extra helping hands and monitoring eyes watching over my shoulder that I don’t burn the salads. (Question: how do you burn the salad? )

Thank you 500+ subscribers

Okay, now I have 500+ subscribers from and another 70 through email. This is not too bad for 5 months with 40 posts, eh? In fact, this is super-duper fantastic.

If you ask me, I did not have any number in mind when I restarted blogging. In fact, I could still run a blog with no confirmed subscribers; I am pretty sure if not humans, a google crawler would definitely read what I have to say. My aim was to publish information packaged with my opinion out there in the open, if readers subscribe to it, its a bonus.

It’s like a famous poet said “ಹಾಡು ಹಕ್ಕಿಗೆ ಬೇಕೆ ಬಿರುದು ಸನ್ಮಾನ?” (Translation: Does a singing bird ever desire to win an award?)

I sincerely appreciate that you stopped by, read them, liked and chose to subscribe with the commitment to read future posts. It means a lot.

I know these numbers are abysmal in comparison with Bloggers using Youtube or other channels. A good Youtuber already would have achieved a silver plaque by five months. But that does not entice me enough to migrate a video platform. It requires an equal amount of research if not more, but the amount of work involved to publish a video online is manifold. Additionally, I don’t see curb freedom of speech anytime soon. At the same time, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook etc. are big fans of censorship.

Thank you once again.


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  2. My Blog will still theme “Me, my scribbles and my Ego” you will have to deal with it.
  3. I am happy to entertain “You, your scribbles and your ego” once in a while as guest posts. Do send it across.
  4. If you are planning to start a blog, please go ahead. It’s worth it. All you need to do it 200 crappy words per day

Don’t let a school stand in your way of education

We thank our teachers in September. September also has days for engineers, daughters etc. So basically a month filled with thankless roles in our life. Apparently, it also has translation day, language day and so on. Overall, it’s a dull month. Thank God, it is over now. 

BTW What’s the relation of sin with cos? Answer: they are identical twins, but cos was born 90 min too early 🙂 [My grandma told always start with a joke when you blog, so there’s that.]

Okay, back to the topic. Teachers. Of course, We should cordially thank them. We are what we are because of them, and this goes without saying. It’s a tough and thankless job.

Once a year, we should all remember the best teacher we had and, post an internet generated greeting on WhatsApp status. Then we conveniently assume our teacher will read it and will have a better sleep that night. (Sarcasm intended, for those who skipped class on the day that was taught )

Unsure who the creator is, happy to give to credit if someone points at right IP owner.

But always remember, there is yang for yin. Once in awhile, we need to remember yang not just yin.

I am sure you would’ve had experience with bad teachers who suffocated your enthusiasm, killed your courage and left you with broken confidence? When do we remember them?

I had a fair share of such teachers. And you guessed it right, I have few stories to share.

Many many years ago I’d enrolled in a college which is prerequisite for University education. For these obvious reasons, the college designed and configured to be a conveyer belt to dispatch heads with only two stamps – either a doctor or engineer. With a few exceptions, these colleges generally do not tolerate seeking knowledge and education in general.

Day 1. Chemistry. The topic was petroleum, and the question was posed in the general direction “what can you tell about Petroleum”. I knew a thing or two and started off with my’ opnion’. The word petroleum comes from Latin petroleum, which comes from Latin petra, “rock” and Latin oleum, “oil”. Before even I could reach to the point where I explain processes, and products teacher went bonkers. She said I should shut up and if I want to learn history or etymology, I should go join an art class and become a clerk in my career.

Week 1: Physics. Topic radio waves, who invented it? I said Jagadis Chandra Bose, she said: “Nope. Marconi”. I argued that I had read about it recently. And I still remember this “Stop reading everything you are reading and read my notes alone” And also “shut up, join commerce class, become a clerk” etc.

…. and finally, she said the most astonishing colonial hangover statement “Nobody from India invented anything interesting ever. ” !!! (I am paraphrasing)

We do have adequate and definitive information on the Internet now.  I can still look up that specific lecturer and share this info abundantly registered currently. But I know what she will say. “Stop reading everything you are reading and read my notes alone, and nothing else”.

Bose conducted experiments that would lead him to almost invent the radio – something for which his contemporaries Guglielmo Marconi (1874 – 1937) and Karl Ferdinand Braun (1850 – 1918) won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909. Neither Marconi nor Braun mentioned Bose in their Nobel Lectures; despite the fact that Bose’s invention of a specific coherer, which turned out to be a crucial component for wireless telegraphy, predated Marconi’s experiments by 21 months.

Meanwhile, Marconi had less scruples. On 12 December 1901, Marconi used Bose’s 1899 improved version of the coherer to receive the first transatlantic wireless signal. Marconi also applied for a British patent on the device that was not his, in which he did not even mention Bose’s name. Marconi deliberately muddied the waters when presenting “his” invention at a lecture at the Royal Institution on 13 June 1902. As Probir K Bondyopadhyay writes: “By the time Marconi gave his lecture at the Royal Institution, he was already under attack by his own countryman, and Marconi, through his careful choice of words, caused deliberated confusions and, using clear diversionary tactics, shifted attention to works of Hughes, who was already dead at that time”. – Sir Jagadis Chandra Bose: The man who (almost) invented the radio

This continued for two years. Only thing I could manage to learn was to shut up.

  • Calculus: the most beautiful calculus was taught as “Delta by Delta and when Delta tends to zero, and repeat it thousand times”. My God. Say it already, it’s a formula for slope/trend. I doubt he knew what it is.
  • Trigonometry. This was taught as religious chants. Students literally oscillate while learning this by-heart. 100% class did not know how the beautiful sine wave looks like and one practical usage of these formulae.

It was a great consolation that, baring that school, I had a fantastic set of teachers. 99% of the teachers of them either brilliant or gave us the freedom to be brilliant.

But there is still this 1% of those who left a scar and stood in the way of education. We should celebrate them too.. Thoughts?

My scribbles and my ego

My blog(s) are as old as**, I have seen these themes and features grow up and evolve. Technically, I am a senior citizen in the blogging world. For those reasons, when I write about blogging, you sit down and read 😉

Back from 2006 to 2012, blogging was a huge thing. Even though it did not generate much revenue, it did give satisfaction to bloggers on having vented. Then Twitter happened, and it was the existential crisis for many bloggers. Why would you write an entire post when you can write it in 140 characters? Many bloggers moved to Instagram as well. Within a year two 99% of bloggers I knew wrote obituaries of their blogs and quit.

Blogging was dead.

Since I could not keep up with Twitter/Facebook and also the YouTube did not suit my patience or skills, I too had quit.

A few years later

The COVID happened. In a couple of quarters, lock-down became new normal. So now I needed a new hobby to keep me sane and thought, why not blog again?

I planned to test the waters with some 20 posts, just to test if blogging was really dead?

To my surprise, blogging is very much alive and kicking. The number of visitors is about 10% of the glorious past of my blog. However, the visitor the engagement now is on the rooftop in comparison. That means after blogging platform losing most of the netizens to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. only a dedicated bunch of bloggers remained here. That’s a good thing right ? . Now almost 80% of visitors engage with the content with ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’ and occasionally ‘re-blog’. I believe 80% of engagement can be called a  “fulfilment” for any blogger. I would take it and run.

So that settled it, I am gonna blog and maybe, eventually, start a podcast channel.

In the last two months, my blog has undergone a few changes :

  • Mercilessly culled old posts with extreme prejudice, specifically those which were re-posts/retweets; I have deleted extremely time-contextual. I have deleted all mediocre posts with just an image or a quote lifted from the internet. I have also deleted the content I no longer believe in.
  • I am gonna write reasonably regularly, I have a pipeline of about 50 posts in draft. So you can definitely subscribe me and then grab your pop-corn bucket**
  • As usual, I am not gonna run behind current hot & hit affairs for the sake of traffic, unless I have something to contribute.

P.S **

  1. I started blogging in 2004, so you do the math
  2. Pop-corns are bad for you, so eat it in moderation. Or maybe you can grab some pumpkin seeds 🙂

MISHA – Nostalgia and conditioning

What is your the most “nostalgia evoking” possession which shaped your childhood/teen? Let me know.

I have a whole bunch of stuff in store room. I own hundreds of Audio Cassettes with that magical device which can RECORD. I have a PC with 20GB HD and 56 MB RAM running in WIN95. But, one thing that beats them all is a collection of Soviet Magazines!! Okay, who remembers MISHA?

For those who are puzzled, MISHA was a free Soviet Magazines for kids dispatched directly from Moscow. Emphasis is on keyword FREE. Tell me now, which kid did with his collective sanity does not want a free magazine every month. That, primarily when other Indian alternatives such as Champak used to cost nothing less a fortune – probably a week’s worth of pocket money.

MISHA was our window to the external world; everything was so happy and colourful.

But we’ve already established “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. MISHA was a pure propaganda Magazine. Moscow wanted a generation of kids to grow up with the notion of how spectacular the Soviet Union is(was). That explains why all the pages sold happiness and colour.

Apparently, the Soviet Government kept a separate budget to “Deliver the joy of CCCP to the third world country”. I was also told that MISHA was targeted the kids in Kerala and West Bengal for obvious reasons, let me know if that is correct.

BTW The Magazine went out of circulation once the Soviet Union collapsed.

Come 2020, there is already a cult following to these and collectors hold Internet bidding war on remaining copies. I am pretty sure the creators of  MISHA did not see this coming. The Irony is, magazines which were delivered free to sell Soviet Utopia is being sold for dollars in bids. [Hint: Bids are capitalistic]