The genetic origin of Indians – variation in a glance

It was obvious, although not socially accepted. Brahmins-dalits, dravidians-aryans, hindus-muslims christians-jews, when it comes to India they are already mixed! Every is has certain percentage of someone else. Not a good news for many, but hey I dint make this up 🙂

Here, a post gives you a breakdown of socially defined races by percentage of actual %age races. Its statistical data, so there will be +/- error, but in general they make a lot of sense to me. If you disagree, send your toothbrush.

Also, he draws few semi-conclusions based on data. One of them is

South Indian Brahmins claim northern Indo-Aryan origins. The genetics certainly bear this out, albeit with some probable admixture with the local substrate. There are many specific questions which can be asked and answered. The Cochin and Bene Israel Jews of the west coast of India clearly do have highly elevated Middle Eastern components of ancestry, though they are highly admixed with the native populations. My own question: do the Nasrani Christians truly descend from Jews? I would have dismissed this outright a few months ago, but I am not sure sure now. The western coast of India seems to have long-standing connections to southern Arabia, so we need to flesh out these patterns in more detail.

And, finally the breakdown

The genetic origin of Indians

5 thoughts on “The genetic origin of Indians – variation in a glance

  1. This is a phenomenon that is happening all over the world. While I lived on the Navajo American Indian reservation, I was always surprised about comments made to children who were of mixed race. One child came to me, crying as she was so hurt by their words to her. I explained to her, she needs to understand history. For the Navajos, the Spanish, the Mexicans, other tribes had been there for centuries, and there have always been people of mixed race. If someone was “pure” Navajo they would have been “inbred” It is the same with the Irish, or anyone of European decent. For that matter, any continent! We are all one in the end…


  2. That sounds like good news to me. This means we have a more healthy gene-pool than we’d like to believe.

    A more pure blood means lots of in-breeding which eventually leads to expression of a lot rare recessive(
    weaker) genes in the off-springs.


    1. Onge are indigenous population of the Andaman Islands. Anthropologically, they are Negroid and are the aboriginal peoples of India.


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