My Political compass

       Some time back Srik asked me “Whats the difference between a Kerala communist and other communists? Well, Kerala communism is a philosophy by itself. It is “take policies as time changes and completely forget where they started”. In my opinion it is a complete hypocrisy. Infact, communism in India has lost its meaning. If Karl Marks was alive today, he would have definitely taken rat poison.
      For example, there was “Anti Coke Pepsi” campaign few months back. Kerala assembly discussed it for length and finally decided to ban those products. Next day none of the college campuses had Coke and Pepsi but Sprite, Seven-up, Mirinda, Fanta …were available. A curious journalist asked one of the ministers “Why two products alone, why not ban all the products which are proved to have chemicals”. Minister happily said, “Oops … In assembly we did not discuss other drinks at all … he he”.
Another instance is where they have done blunder in their party name itself (my previous post).

Coming to the point of me being called a Kerala communist when I was a kid, was because of the way I used to argue. Here is an instance I remember –

“Hey mom, Bro is eating curd”
“Why am I was not served curd for lunch”
“Alright … take how much ever you want”
“Gee..!! You know I don’t eat curd”
“I know that … that is why I did not serve you”
“But why did you give it to him, all are equal isn’t it”
“You don’t eat, I did not give it to you. Your brother eats, so he is eating”
“There is no equality in this house, if all are equal how come some are served more??”
Soon after my statement there was political oppression on me.
Now when I look back, I feel it’s kinda cute. Thatz me!!!

If you want to know where you fall in the political map, here is a political compass. Answer all the questions and find what political nature you have.

I am slightly authoritarian and neo-liberal (Oops … against Gandhi?).

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2 thoughts on “My Political compass

  1. Hahahaha

    Communism is something that I have never digested or never tried understanding. But now on, I can say that I understand Kerala communism, and I know a Kerala Communist!!

    Thanks for the detailed explanation.
    I will take this another weird test shortly!!


  2. By the Description you have given Communism can be defined as the class of oppressed people who dont do anything to the people and wont let others do.


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