Jaya-Vijaya and a secular taliban story

Jaya and Vijaya were twins who worked in a security company. They guard almost all Hindu temples.

Some five hundred years ago General of Aurangazeb army mallikafur who was running a demolition drive, stopped by. That time he had an assignment to demolish illegal building from India’s map. The criteria were, the building is illegal if it was hindu/Jain/Buddhist places of worship. Technologies ten was not advanced then, or may be they dint import a bulldozer or a land mover. He used to manage with hammer.

He stopped by here

Malli: Dude … who is inside??

Jaya: “God…!” (In “mere pas ma he” style)

Malli: no way…Man..!! he ain’t no here…( he used his 7 th scene here, he supposedly had 8 scenes and also IQ number 8 )

Vijaya: “he is, name’s keshava… Chenna keshava. (Bond style)

Malli: That’s bullshit man…!!! There is no god except mine… Guys lets have a party…This building is illegal.

Jaya: All gods are same.

Malli: Guys… first cut these two hands….

Over. Remaining photos are here and here. Jaya-Vijaya lost their jobs here. Their decedents are teaching India secularism. Mallikafur got a great reward, later he had similar assignments for a long. His decedents are working with Taliban. Aurangazeb was best emperor ever in India. The secularism defined by him is widely adopted in India, even after 500 years. Some time later Mohammed bin tughalak (IQ 4) gave a tough competition in terms of taking important decision.

Fact: this place is badly butchered. Every person embedded in wall lost any one of their body part. Main Idol had public execution. Ornaments, money, valuables etc are taken away.

Please note : I dont have any sentimental attachment towards any religion and faith. They are all same stuff for me. But i hate someone tries to prove ” my shit smells better that your shit “. Please call yourself pseudo-secularism ( exmples by sandeep)

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