The genetic origin of Indians – variation in a glance

It was obvious, although not socially accepted. Brahmins-dalits, dravidians-aryans, hindus-muslims christians-jews, when it comes to India they are already mixed! Every is has certain percentage of someone else. Not a good news for many, but hey I dint make this up 🙂

Here, a post gives you a breakdown of socially defined races by percentage of actual %age races. Its statistical data, so there will be +/- error, but in general they make a lot of sense to me. If you disagree, send your toothbrush.

Also, he draws few semi-conclusions based on data. One of them is

South Indian Brahmins claim northern Indo-Aryan origins. The genetics certainly bear this out, albeit with some probable admixture with the local substrate. There are many specific questions which can be asked and answered. The Cochin and Bene Israel Jews of the west coast of India clearly do have highly elevated Middle Eastern components of ancestry, though they are highly admixed with the native populations. My own question: do the Nasrani Christians truly descend from Jews? I would have dismissed this outright a few months ago, but I am not sure sure now. The western coast of India seems to have long-standing connections to southern Arabia, so we need to flesh out these patterns in more detail.

And, finally the breakdown

The genetic origin of Indians

Chain mails and SatyaNarayana Vruta

Do you see any similarities between chain mails and “satya narayana vrata“? Chain mails, as you know contains a photo or some text about which nobody has proper information or nobody has time to verify. The mail contains direction you need to follow, do it like this or send it to so many people. There will be couple paragraphs that look more like advertising the same e-mail. Time will be specified to do the needful, typically ten minutes. Information will be something like “….This is very rare photograph of sai baba…” or “…

Satyanarayana Puja
Satyanarayana Puja

This happens only once in 2000 years …” etc. It will be followed by that stories of people who benefited by forwarding the mail. Next paragraph about the consequences if you fail to do what is needful. Basically chain mail is nothing but a junk which is created to keep the network busy. It works based on the reader’s spiritual/religious/patriotic feeling (any feeling as a matter of fact) into blackmail.

How does Satya Narayana vrata (written as vruta or vrita sometimes) is related to these chain mails. Satya Narayana vrata is one of the very famous Vrata‘s (Indian ritual of fasting/sacrifice, that’s best I can say) lately. Many families (especially new-wed) conducts it on the day of house warming ceremony.

“…In North India the vow is observed by the vast majority of people. It takes about three hours to complete the whole observance. It is generally observed on the full moon day, particularly the Kartik, Vaisakh, Sravan and Chaitra Purnimas and the Shankranti day. It can also be done on new moon days…” Read the more information about how it is celebrated here SatyaNarayanaVrata . There will be a framed photo of Lord Satya Narayana will be placed. Arati, saligrama, tulasi, sandalwood paste etc. etc will be there as usual. Continue reading “Chain mails and SatyaNarayana Vruta”