10 thoughts on “To all Che Guevara fans

  1. @Ankur,
    No its safe, there is no Che fan club in india.

    Credit does not go to me 😦

    What ? you dint know about this guy. This guy is one of the youth icons , among linkin park and kurt.


  2. it not about havin his name on a T but its abou a rebellion that he has started its abou a doctor who become an icon of nationalism in 70s how can nybody forget who he wasc n what he did thats all folks


  3. In his famous article, ‘Notes on Man and Socialism’, he argued that “to build communism, you must build new men as well as the new economic base.” The basis of revolutionary struggle is “the happiness of people,” the the goal of socialism is the creation of more complete and more devoped human beings. how can any man who has such thoughts be a commi come on he is the face of revolution so respect him he is a legend


  4. He was also a mass murderer and set policies that killed and starved thousands, but hey I’m sure they deserved it


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