All for BoSs

When the movie ‘Pirates of Caribbean’ came to theatre here(I am a hardcore fab of Jonny Depp), I bought tickets, watched that crap, ate pop-corn and came back. I am also planning to watch Sreck 3. If I like it, I’ll applaud and write a blog entry. If not walk out in the middle of the movie and drive back home.
Watch a movie, laugh/cry, watch again/quit in middle then forget about it, that’s all… Life is to enjoy…so simple … I thought, So far.
Now, let me introduce some of Rajni’s fans, to whom watching movies is not as simple as it to me (buy tickets, eat popcorn etc). They cry, they laugh, they go hysteric, they get new hair cut, they get tattooed … pierced etc, etc.

Have a look at couple of extreme worshipers of Shivaji


I live in Chennai and life seems so different from last one week. Having Rajani movies in your town is not all that simple. This phenomenon is observed on such a large scale, the entire state seems mesmerized.

Here Prathibha Patil to be the next president of India is just another news but this news is not as important as ‘Shivaji’!


PETA PETA where are you ???

PS: PETA peta where are you… Picture has been removed, after friends requested to remove it

14 thoughts on “All for BoSs

  1. bachodi:

    what option do you use to get the pages to show up like that?

    btw, i was pretty sure i had commented here (on your blog) before. either way, thanks for the welcoming note :-).

    – s.b.


  2. @Somebody
    I read it somewhere , DIGG i guess. I ll try to find it for you anyway.
    One more question : do you blog ?

    I wonder that too.

    Welcome to my blog. you are subscribed.


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