Gods, demons, dancers, soldiers etc.

These are rest of the photos of Halebidu. Reference to my previous post Halebidu an architectural beauty

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4 thoughts on “Gods, demons, dancers, soldiers etc.

  1. Hey Bachodi!

    Nice pics these ones! Every time I see such architectural beauty in India I am convinced more and more that, if anything, we have moved backwards in the last 4-6 centuries! Imagine all this was done by people who did not even go to architecture colleges – so whatever they learnt was just learnt in their ONE lifetime.. they didnt have books by people in the US, Europe, and other places putting together all the principles.. just their own learning! How dwarfed have we gotten!



  2. Hi there. Saw your post on my blog. I have seen “Joey”, the new serial. But there aren’t too many seasons of it. I guess it wasn’t doing well, so they are not continuing with it. Yea, the character Joey is cute:)


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