Our Bangalore to Namma Bengalooru

November 1st this year four of south Indian states celebrated their birth. (In fact, it is for almost all the states in India). HDK, chief minister of Karnataka had a gift to distribute to all Kannadigas. Major cities in Karnataka changed their names. Bangalore ( to Bengalooru ) Mysore ( to Mysooru ) , Mangalore ( to Mangalooru ) , Hubli ( to Hubballi ) , Shimoga to ( Shivamogga ) , Belgam ( to Belagavi ) , Hospet ( to Hosapete ), Bellary ( to Ballary) and Gulbarga ( to Kalburgi ) . These changes were hinted long back, now it is official. Now lot of people seems to be irritated. Looks like general psyche of people. When Madras became Chennai , Bombay became Mumbai nobody bothered, what actual problem is Bangalore has changed the spellings ( another example When Afzal ( a terrorist ) was sentenced death, everyone has problem with such a punishment, when priyadarshini’s murderer is getting the same sentence nobody seems to have time to write about it )

If you observe the names, they are not changed (except Kalburgi) to a completely new word. They have changed the way how it supposed to be spelt0 in it, in English. The new names (rather spellings) are very near to what people pronounce it, locally. Almost all languages spell what they pronounce, and read the way it is written. There will be a general rule how to spell and pronounce, unless English (where there are rules for every word, and every word is exception for rules of spelling). For example there is a beach city in coastal Karnataka, which is getting spelt as “KAUP”. Now how are we suppose to pronounce it? (Local pronounces it as “kapu”).

Tamil Nadu

In Chennai, Karunanidhi announced a hike in pensions for those who fought for inclusion of border areas in the State from Rs 3,000 to Rs 4,000 and to families of these martyrs, from Rs 1,500 to Rs 2,000.

Somebody help me understanding who are these “ freedom fighters”, what did they fight for? Do we neet fight for all the borders inside our nation ? like village border , town border etc.

He, however, said demarcation of Tamil Nadu as a linguistic State had actually not benefited the State as it had lost most of its natural resources to its neighbours.
Andhra Pradesh

TRS activists disrupted rail and road traffic at a few places in Telengana region and in Hyderabad Telengana intellectuals forum held demonstration and paid tributes to Telengana martyrs who laid down their lives during 1969 agitation for separate Telengana.

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