Women’s Day and Aigiri Nandini

Happy Women’s Day, everyone!

I know I am delayed by a couple of days to publish this content. Sorry about that. But hey, why would you mind if I post it on a different day. The causes of women’s equality are open items even today as well, right? Additionally, I have little more than a few cliched social media status to share. It’s not a “forward as received” kind of content. 🙂

One. Can we agree on Women’s journey towards equality has been painstakingly slow? It is like watching paint dry. Agreed that we are currently living in a more gender-equal society than at any point in the recorded history of human civilization. However, it’s sad to see we have outsourced the progress of equality to the wrong set of torchbearers. We should’ve never trusted the Left to achieve anything good in this regard. In fact, off late, we’ve seen regression on what was accomplished over the last few decades.!

Let me give one example. Recently, there were some decisions taken by the elected government entities which can potentially kill women sports. I am not kidding. This is true. There is no point in guessing who lobbied it. Potentially, the women may not be able to even qualify to forget winning in their own “women’s sports”. If this momentum continues, this might impact the Olympics as well. Please read through Joe Biden’s First Day Began the End of Girls’ Sports

Second. There is a regression in the way storied are being narrated. The moment an imagined lie is introduced in the story, the credibility goes for a toss. I have written about it in one of my previous posts on a movie review – Gunjan Saxena. Here, a director built an entire movie around a woman officer’s plight in the armed forces, where 100% of the misogynistic treatments was pure work of fiction. The lady officer eventually took the legal route, but the damage was already done. Let’s achieve equality, but not at the cost of truth.

I will leave you with a video. Please consider it a greeting card for women’s day. Its a song called Aigiri Nandini written in Sanskrit by Adi Shankaracharya. If that information were accurate, in all its likelihood, this lyric is 1400 year old!!! The song is a set of praises to the Goddess, the mother of the Trinity of Gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She takes various forms to visit earth whenever there is the regression of collective values of earthlings. The song sings about this and the qualities attributed to her in a very clever use of language.

Evidently, the same song can be used to appreciate women in more of a philosophical sense. That is why its a great greeting card for women’s day.

Another thought. This song is probably the first rap song, with its full version, has more than 800 words, which are to be sung within a few mins.

Again. Happy Women’s Day, everyone!

Gunjan Saxena – the movie

A confession before we start, I did not watch this movie. Nor do I have any intention to watch it. In fact, I highly recommend you avoid it even if Netflix consistently pops it on your screen and offers you to pay to watch it.

This post intends to list down a few of the reasons why its abysmally awful movie.

  • The portrayal of Airforce: I have a theory that Bollywood deliberately paints the Indian Armed forces in a bad light. Between Border (1997) and Uri: The Surgical Strike (2019), we do not have one good movie to lift the spirit up of our soldiers. In fact, there is a lot of effort went on to show the Indian Army in a bad light.
  • Rendering Biographies: Apart from a few remote exceptions, Bollywood always mixed Masalas and Tadkas on Biographies. In this case, The captioned Wing Commander Gunjan Saxena herself slammed the lies peddled by this movie. Update, she even went to court over it.
  • Acting: Janhvi Kapoor cannot act. Period.
  • Research: I have repeatedly called out these aspects of Bollywood movies while they are based on real-life events. It’s apparent that, this one is a great curse on Bollywood Industry! They show an absolute disregard to groundwork and research to get things correct (I have added a video which has authority to talk about it)
  • Twisted sense of Feminism: Fundamental premise of this movie is to make men look bad at the expense of truth!
  • Nepo-movie: this project had sole intention to provide Janhvi Kapoor with a critically acclaimed piece in the same lines Sonam Kapoor got Neeraja. Let me remind you again that we had collectively decided not to support undeserving Nepo-kids.

While here, please go through this post by a retired Air force Officer. You might get a full perspective on many things which are wrong with this movie.