My scribbles and my ego

My blog(s) are as old as**, I have seen these themes and features grow up and evolve. Technically, I am a senior citizen in the blogging world. For those reasons, when I write about blogging, you sit down and read πŸ˜‰

Back from 2006 to 2012, blogging was a huge thing. Even though it did not generate much revenue, it did give satisfaction to bloggers on having vented. Then Twitter happened, and it was the existential crisis for many bloggers. Why would you write an entire post when you can write it in 140 characters? Many bloggers moved to Instagram as well. Within a year two 99% of bloggers I knew wrote obituaries of their blogs and quit.

Blogging was dead.

Since I could not keep up with Twitter/Facebook and also the YouTube did not suit my patience or skills, I too had quit.

A few years later

The COVID happened. In a couple of quarters, lock-down became new normal. So now I needed a new hobby to keep me sane and thought, why not blog again?

I planned to test the waters with some 20 posts, just to test if blogging was really dead?

To my surprise, blogging is very much alive and kicking. The number of visitors is about 10% of the glorious past of my blog. However, the visitor the engagement now is on the rooftop in comparison. That means after blogging platform losing most of the netizens to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. only a dedicated bunch of bloggers remained here. That’s a good thing right ? . Now almost 80% of visitors engage with the content with ‘like’, ‘comment’, ‘share’ and occasionally ‘re-blog’. I believe 80% of engagement can be called a  “fulfilment” for any blogger. I would take it and run.

So that settled it, I am gonna blog and maybe, eventually, start a podcast channel.

In the last two months, my blog has undergone a few changes :

  • Mercilessly culled old posts with extreme prejudice, specifically those which were re-posts/retweets; I have deleted extremely time-contextual. I have deleted all mediocre posts with just an image or a quote lifted from the internet. I have also deleted the content I no longer believe in.
  • I am gonna write reasonably regularly, I have a pipeline of about 50 posts in draft. So you can definitely subscribe me and then grab your pop-corn bucket**
  • As usual, I am not gonna run behind current hot & hit affairs for the sake of traffic, unless I have something to contribute.

P.S **

  1. I started blogging in 2004, so you do the math
  2. Pop-corns are bad for you, so eat it in moderation. Or maybe you can grab some pumpkin seeds πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “My scribbles and my ego

  1. Welcome back to blogging Bach.
    I too left for a while to do YouTube. But when Adsense told me that they won’t monetize me after I had already fulfilled their requirements… because they are already monetizing me with a website that I don’t even own and there is no one to contact to let them know that they are making a mistake. They even informed me that I am in violation of their policies because I don’t have enough content. Of course I don’t. I don’t own that website!!! I came back to WordPress to try to get monetized by blogging.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh okay. Good luck.

      I do not intend to monetize this blog. Unless otherwise I get convinced that monetizing will be more motivating against the otherwise.


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