Jack (Propaganda) Ryan

Question: Why do Hollywood names most of the protagonists protecting western interests as “JB”. There’s James Bond, Jason Bourne and even Jack Bauer and maybe, just maybe – Jack Black 🙂

Let’s add Jack Ryan to that list. Technically he is not a JB, but we can always change it to Jack Blatant (lies), or Jack Bullshit, can’t we ?. I don’t have convincing “B” name handy as of yet. Not to worry, by the time you reach the end of this post, I might come up with one. Let’s just call him Jack (Propaganda) Ryan for now.

You guessed it right. This post intends to cover the political propaganda of Jack Ryan – the Web series.

For those who are still scratching the head, Jack Ryan is a Movie and Web franchise named after its protagonist. Jack is an analyst turned CIA operative assigned with gifted ability to identify financial frauds. You can watch seasons in Amazon, although my recommendation is limited only to the first season; and take the take second season with a pinch (or four) of salt.

Before we get into the point, let me remind you that making a series is not easy. There are massive challenges maintaining the coherence and consistency the story lines. That’s the reason series generally, lose the plot and end up disappointing the fans big time. Game of throne, Dexter are few good examples.

Read through the comment section in amazon for more honest comments of disgruntled fans

Season one was so amazing that I instantly became a fan. It was a sign of relief that, finally, we have an American series which calls a spade, “a spade”; not diamonds. Season 1 had exceptional production value, reasonably well casting, brilliant script etc. The plot was based on a Lebanese-French terrorist plotting to detonate bioweapons in US soil. The series covers a range of current affairs. The topics include but not limited to the Syrian refugee crisis; Becca valley bombings; Liberian Ebola scare, French refugee ghettos; Yemeni Crisis, and finally the overuse of predatory drones. Anyone who keeps in touch with the current affairs of the middle east should be very excited about this fiction.

For season 2 they picked Venezuelan power struggle as the plot. Who would not like a story on last remaining relics of supposed utopia imagined by Karl Marks himself? It’s written on the walls (literally) on how socialistic policies and nationalization caused irreversible damage to the country and the economy. I do not intend to cover all the horror stories of Venezuela in this post, but let’s just leave you with an image below where people picking food from the garbage.

Enter Jack (Propaganda) Ryan. The plot accuses the “right-wing nationalist” government with its “Corruption” causing damage to the country. And there are no points in guessing – the opposition party leader is Left socialistic reformer !!! It’s like calling Hitler the liberator of Europe! It’s like calling Pol Pot liberator of Cambodia!!.  It’s like… You get the point.

This can not be true under no version of history. No angles and no perspective will make the horrors of 21st century Venezuela, look any better. But still, propaganda-driven Hollywood made it happen.

Makers of J(P)R should listen to their fellow socialist from Chernobyl :

PS I do not hate socialism, its an essential ingredient – add a pinch of it. But never eat it as the main course.

7 thoughts on “Jack (Propaganda) Ryan

  1. Whether you agree with the plot or not, the way they execute the story is very convincing: the boat journey on the river, the fight in the forest between the two sides, the massive burials, the arrest of the Ryan’s colleague is all too well played. No, season two was not even close to one in the story plot, but the visuals were nonetheless very entertaining, and that’s what’s appealing of the show, the quality of execution is way superior than most shows on TV now.

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