Blue-light eyeglasses scam

Snake Oil (e.g. Homeopathy) the central theme of scams dominated our previous few centuries. However, during the last couple of decades, a new theme has emerged, and the trend is ‘Filtering scams’! The basic premise of this scam is to filter good stuff and make it better. For some unfortunate reasons, ‘we the gullible’ can be convinced that products filtering essentials are right.

Take a look at these examples where good stuff removed:

  • Low-Fat dairy products
  • Gluten-free bread
  • Demineralised water (have written about it)
  • Blue Ray filter glasses!

Yes, Blue-ray filter is a new scam in the town. It’s currently heavily advertised and has even bigger word-of-mouth campaign going on for them.

The idea behind this product is to filter out any wavelength of light, which is borderline Blue, by a large degree – basically, Jaundice eyes. The campaign goes like this :

  1. In the beginning, God created all lights equally, but then Blue made some wrong choices and became evil
  2. It impacts the retina back of the eyes and causes permanent damage. Macular degeneration impact central vision (Had to throw in few uncommon medical terms)
  3. It influences Circadian Rhythm (read sleep) by impacting hormone secretion or lack thereof. 
  4. Responsible for Computer vision syndrome

Now that many studies are out the truth if at your disposal:

  • The human eye is designed to withstand all wavelength of sunlight unless of course, some genius directly stares at the sun. A Couple of devices are not going to cause enough blue light to cause any level of damage to the eyes.
  • Apparently, problems like Macular degeneration needs an enormous amount of Blue light for a very long period. Perhaps, Yellow light also could do similar damage for that quantity and duration. So Blue light filter is not going to change anything at all.
  • Computer Vision Syndrome can not be blamed on Blue light alone, all wavelengths have equal responsibilities. For these obvious reasons, a filter will not solve this problem.
  • Only one claim checks out is its impact on “Circadian Rhythm“. But that’s by design. Apparently, Human eyes, brain and biological clock of hormones (Melatonin) are designed to make you sleep/wakeup based on how much light you are staring at, specifically – blue!. However, you do not need filters to solve this problem. You can simply dim the lights or use the device settings rather than buying another product sits on your nose.

P.S. I am not more qualified than you to read and understand. So, if you decide to buy one anyway, please the specialists with the above set of questions. Let me know how it goes.

Please go through this undercover study on Blue-light glasses:

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