Kalash – the lost tribe of Vedic India ?

This post is more of a note rather than a blog post. I fact, I wasn’t even looking (or heard) for Kalash tribe. I stumbled upon this while I was researching on ‘India connection’ of Romanis and Yezidis

Get this. Apparently, Kalash is the ‘smallest minority’ of Pakistan. We all know what that phrase means.

Evidently, a criminally low number of documentaries on the Kalash community are posted online. I can’t explain the neglect and absence of attention it is getting while it deserves more. Among the few documentaries posted, most of them just manage to touch the surface. Anyways, I have managed to find one of the good ones for you and is linked below – please watch.

To summarise, few cultural aspects of this tribe which should immediately catch your attention are :

  • They worship of Vedic Gods (Indra and Mahadev) and not Classical Gods. This must indicate time-period of isolation from Indian civilization.
  • Menstruating women are separated from the community (Watch the documentary), and it’s a mandatory social vacation.
  • Dead are buried above the ground. Crows represent ancestors

Let me know what you think :

11 thoughts on “Kalash – the lost tribe of Vedic India ?

  1. This elicits a somewhat melancholy feeling in my mind. The evolution of aboriginal cultures and their blending with “mainstream” mores is inevitable and too rapid. I am reminded of the Tibetan people. The Kalash, like the Tibetans must become novelties and curiosities in popular culture in order to preserve the bare minimum aspects of their cultures. The reality is that everything is impermanent, that fact is often a hard pill to swallow. Modern technology–the thing that speeds disintegration of the Kalash culture–ironically will be what preserves the knowledge of the culture for the future.

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    1. One things you can observe in that documentary is men of Kalash do not seem to follow those traditions and it’s the women who preserved it including the the colourful attire. Understandably men have to go outside the village blend with general Pakistani population and earn the daily bread.

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