Kalash – the lost tribe of Vedic India ?

This post is more of a note rather than a blog post. I fact, I wasn’t even looking (or heard) for Kalash tribe. I stumbled upon this while I was researching on ‘India connection’ of Romanis and Yezidis

Get this. Apparently, Kalash is the ‘smallest minority’ of Pakistan. We all know what that phrase means.

Evidently, a criminally low number of documentaries on the Kalash community are posted online. I can’t explain the neglect and absence of attention it is getting while it deserves more. Among the few documentaries posted, most of them just manage to touch the surface. Anyways, I have managed to find one of the good ones for you and is linked below – please watch.

To summarise, few cultural aspects of this tribe which should immediately catch your attention are :

  • They worship of Vedic Gods (Indra and Mahadev) and not Classical Gods. This must indicate time-period of isolation from Indian civilization.
  • Menstruating women are separated from the community (Watch the documentary), and it’s a mandatory social vacation.
  • Dead are buried above the ground. Crows represent ancestors

Let me know what you think :