Ground zero memorials

There was a burnt-palm situation back in 90s, where Babri Mosque was demolished for the intention of building a Temple. Indian government was so confused, that it left both the communities to fight each other! Fight was settled with few holy massacres. Decision on that ground zero, I believe, still in supreme court. Till now it is not neither “politically correct” nor “supporting freedom of religion” to build a temple at the same spot, even if liberals ask.

So, Obama administration and NY mayor’s office probably can take a few advices from their Indian counterparts on handling “ground zero” situation. just a thought.

Anyway, my opinion is : Don’t build any places of worship, anywhere, any more. We have plenty of them already.

On the same topic , I found these; worth sharing. Thanks to Ape not monkey for all three cartoon strips.

mosque controversy for conspiracy theorists
building a community center
how free speech works

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