Movie review: Raavan

By this time you would have already read about the review on both versions of Raavan, mostly discouraging.  Yes, I am here backing them up. I am writing this review to those who still want to try this. Guys, there is still time, it’s never too late to cancel the ticket.  And for any reason if you cannot cancel your tickets, join the party after 90 mins. Tadaa!!, you still caught the whole movie!

Direction sucks! But I still forgive Mani Ratnam. People should be allowed to do mistakes not repeat it, that’s all. Abhishek overacts his way through the movie. His madness seems to be sinusoidal. In a way it is good, at least you can predict when he is going to bray next. Aishwarya and her makeup kit were always attached; wish somebody explained her that she is not supposed to, at least not in this plot. Vikram! I am not impressed. Now I think I can extrapolate the level of over acting in Ravanan.

Cinematography is fine. But can you tolerate beautiful clips with some “star”s trying their “act”ing in foreground? Would you rather not watch “national geographic” 🙂

This movie did not do well in almost all departments. But at the same time it is not stupid. It does not consider audience as stupid either. For this reason alone I would still rate it more than most of Akshay, Shah Rukh and Salman movies.

  • Graphics sucks! Technology back to 80’s.
  • What’s up with the rain? It rains almost every scene!
  • Monologues! Are we officially back to Shakespearean plays ?
  • Falling off the cliff. How many please? This is not a movie on mountaineering. Please limit it to less than five next time.
  • Please do not shake freaking camera! This is not “Fast and Furious”.
  • Aishwaryas’ eyes are beautiful, we get it! You don’t need zoom it in every other scene! Try ears or nose next time.
  • Song and dance! Are you kidding me? I am going to write this for the last time. Synchronised dance spontaneously is never possible in reality.Period.

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15 thoughts on “Movie review: Raavan

  1. 🙂 Reading a review on Raavan for the first time..

    even if i watch the movie,I will watch only the tamil one..I hate Abhishek bachan..He seems promoting his wife,than himself..I loved him before he got attached to Mrs Rai,now I hate both of them…


    1. No, apparently no experience at all, Do you have any? I have taken acting classes though. But what is your point. Nobody except a director can criticize a movie? And why are you upset if I dislike it?
      BTW, Mind your language when you comment on other’s blogs. This time I corrected it for you, I may not have same patience next time.


  2. well i do agree with all the time, but but… maybe its the fact that I havent seen rains for the past year and half and the water problems (am frm mumbai) that i got so carried away with the rainy atmosphere. I still like the movie though. 😛


    1. No, its not the rain and other flaws which bothered me. My problem is the concept and performances.
      Anyways, you are entitled to your opinion 🙂


  3. good review – pretty much what i felt about the movie! And yes, somebody should have noted that when the bad men kidnap a lady, they dont graciously carry her make-up case for her so that she can touch up along the way!!


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