Pseudo-secular silence

Here is one of the reasons “why you shouldn’t trust Indian media”:

The news was simple to understand “Taslima Nasrin heckled by God’s own warriors in one of the God’s own check post Hyderabad”. Just another event God wanted them to do.

I read all the news items in Google taking a cue from barberindian , for the same.

Local politics behind attack on Taslima” – Hindustan Times
Taslima Nasreen attacked in Hyderabad” – NDTV
Taslima heckled in Hyderabad” – Economic Times
Taslima heckled in Hyderabad” – The Statesman
Taslima Nasreen, Poet, Attacked in India: Men Attack Her; Other …” – The Moderate Voice
Assault on Taslima Nasreen” – Central Chronicle
Taslima Attacked In Hyderabad, Journalists Protest” – Newspost
Taslima Nasreen attacked in Hyderabad” – Zee news
Andhra MLAs, 20 MIM activists manhandle Taslima Nasreen” – Daily news

and our own Desicritics:

Taslima Nasreen Attacked by MLAs in Hyderabad” – Desicritics

If you want news items from international media

Muslim Protesters Attack Bangladeshi Author in India” – Voice of America
Muslim group in India threatens to behead Bangladeshi author” – EarthTimes

See any difference ? If you still dint get it, read any Indian news item on this topic. It will be written “Taslima a renowned writer from Bangladesh… blah blah was allegedly heckled by people belonging to one community.. “

Morals of the story :

  • Indian media does not give you news, they give rumours and gossips.
  • No one including left, right, middle, women rights organizations , secularists, online petition makers; I_dont_have_to_work_to_do people ( Shabana Ajmi , Arundati Roy ) etc etc., seems to be bothered by this. This is secularism
  • Taslima or Dalai lama, welcome to India, we give you freedom to breath and eat dal-chaval. If you do anything more you will be allegedly beaten to death!


Hyderabad, August 11: The Hyderabad police have registered a case against controversial Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen, who was recently attacked by workers of Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) in Hyderabad, for allegedly creating ill-feeling among communities.

Moral of the this story : “Ulta chor kotwal ko date “

9 thoughts on “Pseudo-secular silence

  1. Good one, the media can for sure not be trusted with any of these. You remember one episode about a dalit boy being tied to a tree and beaten up by lawyers carried different headlines on the same news site within an hour or so… mainstream media has become a commercial powerhouse, they are not driven by information anymore. You can check out John Pilger’s seminar on this at this link

    Another good post on this topic is here


  2. Such a shame…. Do we really deserve it?!

    Had VHP attacked Hussain, just think of the headlines these ‘honest’ and ‘secular’ media people would have carried. No one supports her if a Taslima is drived out of her own country, but there seems to be a great deal if some one derives courage to state the facts.

    I recently read Lajja, an account of hatred spilled violence, the aftermath of Babri masjid debacle.

    There are so many incidents, like Gujrat banning Aamir Khan’s movies in protest to his anti Narmada stand… But when Gujjus did it, there was a huge cry over it, all across the country.
    Consider Taslima’s case. People are just giving statements, there has been no strong support to her, Thanks to Lord, she is alive today.

    In fact, there was a news item that Bangladeshi clerics scold Indian muslims for letting go a golden opportunity of killing her!!

    How rediculous our lives can get!! These things sometimes make me feel that I am not living in a better world, and that world can never be rehabilitated!

    Touch wood.


  3. Thanks to Oemar for the link to my post and your appreciation.
    Things are perennially bad in the individual rights front in India. We are all slaves of caste, religion, gender, or some collective or the other. It is alien to our culture to be treated and to treat others as individuals. We are also fond of putting tags on people, painting them with a broad collectivist brush. Note, however, that when we talk of certain issues, we are capable of objective analysis. When we talk of Sachin Tendulkar’s batting failure or success, we don’t say ‘Marathi batsmen’, nor do we talk of ‘these Muslims’ when we talk of Shah Rukh Khan’s latest mannerisms.


  4. @Oemar,
    Yeah , I recall that . NDTV want it ? It was barberindian again, who traced it first.
    thanks for the links , worth subscribing.

    very much
    I too have read lajja. there is nothing offensive written about a religion or a community.
    what to do we are surrounded with a**holes

    Welcome to my blog. I ve been to your blog. I liked your blog., different genre ( same as oemar’s ) . I read a lot of politics .. don’t have material to write though.
    you are subscribed


  5. I would like to comment that, most of the Indian Media is politically biased and immature, especially when it comes to BJP rules states they are surprisingly misleading the readers and viewers in this country. Infact, in my true knowledge BJP ruled states are doing well in many aspects if not all compare to other states.We know that there is not a single news paper or visual media which is not run by a family in this country.If you consider CNN-IBN it is the most visibly biased visual media channel ever India have seen, so obsessed with Gandhi dynasty,Rajdeep and his Wife Sagarika is totally after Narendra Modi and BJP. If Modi sneezes it is a headline story in CNN-IBN!.if you consider NDTV PRANNOY ROY is trying his best to be a pseudo-secularist. But if we closely watch each of their programs it is increasingly getting biased and a person with common sense can understand what is going on behind the scene.Prannoy Roy and Barkha Dutta believes they are the only intellectuals left in this country!.If you look at the news papers, we know the history of Indian express. What role Goenka played in Indian politics utilizing his family run news paper business.Vir Sanghvi of Hindustantimes ( Late KK Birla is a staunch congressman) is all the way praising Sonia as if his career itself is pledged for that cause. A fair exemption can be made for Times of India ,I don’t know If I am correct.Otherwise there is a serious conspiracy going on this country by these new founded intellectual Pseudo Secularists.We must be able to differentiate what is right and what is wrong as these channels are targeting young urban population mixing news with bit of masalas and Tabloid especially the Hip-hop culture. They are not aware that their credibility and neutrality is being lost infront of the masses.In India Media ethics is a neglected truth.It is the era of family run businesses for personal and political gains.In the name of freedom of speech they are misleading the people to make thier own profit and gains.Who care where this will lead the country to?????


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