on munnabhai

As expected there is already a campaign against sentence  (read Indian judicial system) on Sanjay Dutt. Campaign is purely based on all sentiments a normal movie lover can possess – Philosophy, religion, faith, sympathy, pity (read emotional blackmails)
For LOLing

And anyway who are we to punish some one for his mistakes … Just like Jesus Christ once said “Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone”

I have heard he breaks down and starts crying many a times when he cant see some one’s pain/suffering …

Here is one more opinion by Soli Sorabjee which looks more logical.

What nonsense .. bollywood should actually be boycotting this chap if they had any little feeling for the victims of the 1993 mumbai blasts. But given the fact that how these so called heroes of bollywood wag their tail in front of daewood’s shows, the way jokers like johny lever mimick Indian national anthem to please daewood, what else can we expect from them? – Sense vs Sensation

5 thoughts on “on munnabhai

  1. hey

    i fully agree to Soli s arguement.i for one have personally seen the carnage of the bse blasts and man i lost sleep over it
    sanjay is fortunate to get an easy sentence and hats off to J kode
    who did not go very easy on sanjay even though the hand of the almighty Super Madam is on his head.
    He will goto supreme court for sure cause big money is invested in him and who knows the Madam president too who might just forgive him …(im no legal expert)


  2. the brouhaha exists becoz’ dutt played the role of munna. well, he was fortunate and he got a large fan-following. he knows he’s committed a mistake(no small one at that) and rather take this up bravely. putting one into prison is to make one atone for his sins. and when he is out from jail, he can still carry out gandhigiri.

    guess, even if some big-wig from the film fraternity commits a murder, they’ll cry out ‘accident’.


  3. my blood boils when I read news like these! Why should he ever be forgiven? People are saying that he has suffered enough in the last 14 years.. I am like what!!! leading a 5 star life is suffering?

    unfortunately our people are like this only! we give a govt job to Haneef! who is supposed to have links with terrorist organizations!

    But then families of soldiers do not get compensation on time. They have to wait for ages… Old people do not get pensions sanctioned because of corruption… *double sigh*


  4. it is utter shame on all who are doing this. let him have his legal recourse but for that nothing else.
    If he has done something wrong he has to pay for it
    upputhinda mele niru kudiyalebeku

    his sister MP wants to use her political connections meet soniaji for a favour what is this it is a mockery of our democracy and judicial system.

    three cheers to the Judge of Special court for awarding one of greatest judgements with such a big no. of accused and he has done a very decent job

    long live indian judiciary and democracy


  5. @prax,
    Hmm, I never thought about president here. Can she forgive a prison ? I am not sure .. i thought it is only for life .

    exactly. You might have heard “yasyasti vittam .. sa narah kuleena” etc etc
    BTW did I welcome to you my blog ? You were subscribed long back

    There is no solution . I say boycott bollywood.. you there with me ?

    “upputhinda mele niru kudiyalebeku” thanks for this.. exact and precise.Welcome to my blog sire.


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