Changing definitions

I did not know the definition of “liberal” was so simple till our superstar journalist Rajdeep  Sardesai explained it to me. Apparently it simply means “one who drinks scotch and loves his women(plural)”.
Or is it just honouring assassinated politician by calling him a liberal ? Why these lies ?

rajdeep sardesai

Now lets define “moderate“.

Five hundred Pakistani religious scholars said that anyone who expressed grief over the assassination of Salman Taseer, governor of Punjab province, could suffer the same fate.

The Jamaat-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat Pakistan group of scholars making the veiled threat is from what is seen as a relatively moderate school of Islam in Pakistan. –  reuters.

Tricky eh ?

Chakras and Enemies of reasons

I was watching “Enemies of Reason” of Richard Dawkins yesterday, again. In the second part he explores the possibility of Chakra’s being logical. He doesn’t, that’s why he calls them enemies of reason. His point is, If there is any logic in it, why don’t any of these chakra experts prove it to scientific community and get a Nobel Prize as bonus? For some reason they want to keep it as pseudo science and keep publishing books for those who don’t ask!

I recall we showcased chakras in opening ceremony of commonwealth games 2010 Delhi. A yogic structure rises from underground and his chakras get enlightened. Now, I feel they shouldn’t have done this; Chakra is not one of the things we should be showcasing, just like Chinese do not highlight their heritage medicine made by “tiger bone”.

An image form Commonwealth games 2010 Delhi


image via lifeinabedandbreakfast

Special Instructions!

College administrations have their own way to “tame” students, and students have their own to “handle” management. Ultimately management wins the battle. By hook or crook, they implement their own degree of fascism on whole campus. Here is one example. A friend of mine mailed me “Special Instructions” of one of the engineering colleges (of India of course).

Just read and have a LOL or ROFL, or whatever you wish. If cant think of a word to comment, try “pity”.

College rules
College rules

Can you believe this part ?

Both Boys and girls should not talk to each other ..

The boys are not allowed to come with French beard and any king of fashionable/stylish hair cuts.

My list of ten best documentaries

I highly recommend this set of ten documentaries. I rate all of them above 9.5/10. I know there are many more which may be as good as these; I just did not have a chance to watch them. Please feel free to recommend them to me.

An Inconvenient Truth, by Al Gore. You already would have seen this. If not, shame on you 🙂

Capitalism – A Love Story, by Michael More. This gives a complete picture on “how capitalism works”. Basically this is about industries maximising profits with optimal resource utilisation with minimum ethics.

Earthlings: All the things you need to know about meat, fur, leather etc. It’s the story of human exploitation of his fellow earthlings for food, clothing’s, and entertainment. Recommended only for people with strong stomach.

Food Inc. by Robert Kenner. A fantastic movie on how food goods in supermarket shelves are generated in assembly line. Shocking information, a must see.

Food Inc.
Food Inc.

Home, by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. It’s a collection of areal videos, arranged in coherence to narrate a compelling story on our Home- earth. Superb presentation on how small we are, how big we have screwed it up. This movie is free on youtube.

Religulous – This is a fantastic movie from the director of Borat, Larry Charles and presented by Bill Maher, obviously you can expect this to be satirical and hilarious at the same time. The name says it all – religion is ridiculous, and this is the most interesting topic for me. In this movie, Bill roams around places (mostly USA) visiting religious people, debating them. Various encounters and the argument they put forward are simply ROFL.

Sicko, by Michael More. This movie addresses problems in American Medical care, being manipulated by insurance and pharmaceutical companies. In coming few years this documentary may not be as strong as it is now, democrats may end up changing the system for good. Anyways, both the countries I lived in had (kind of) socialised medicine, which also mean receipt for medicine does not hurt when you are sick, it happens only in America.

Story of the stuff, by Anne. This is story of all the stuff, starting from raw materials till it becomes rubbish i.e extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal. It is criticised to be inaccurate, but hey, the story is still true and compelling.

The Age of Stupid, a British movie on climate change. This is set in future where whole earth is already disturbed by climate change and remaining humans do causal analysis using all stored footages.

Zeitgeist This has two parts, one addresses Christianity, the other on capitalist economics. Compelling arguments, must watch.