India down to knees ..

I feel we have lost a definition of word “insult”. We are dying to find an insult in something and we are waiting for it to happen. Take our National anthem; you translate it – Insult! Instrumental? – Insult! Sung for more than 52 seconds? – Insult! Less? – Insult! Lower/higher pitch – Insult!

Most of the time I don’t get what exactly is an insult. If Mandira is wearing this is an insult, then why not those thousands tri-color clad fans acting crazy is an insult. Why those thousands of plastic tri-colors in dustbins on next day to Aug 15, is not an insult. I want to know very badly why it is insult if mandira does it, and why it is not when this woman does it.

she was in a saree — designed by Puneet Nanda of designer label Satya Paul — that had flags of all countries in the World Cup.

By the time the showers had done their two bits, Bedi was back on air with a different saree. But the damage was already done. Puneet Nanda had to apologise. “I didn’t think our flag would end up near Bedi’s foot. I am sorry,” he told

The controversy comes at a time when Akal Takht, the highest body of Sikh religious affairs, accepted the apology of Bedi pertaining to the use of a Sikh religious symbol on her body as a tattoo – DNA

Puneet Nanda tells. “I didn’t think our flag would end up near Bedi’s foot. I am sorry,” In other words that would be “I am sorry that we insulted ours, alas … It should’ve been theirs”. Just imagine what would have happened if Indian and Pakistan flags just interchanged(they are currently in lucky spot). I guess Musharraf would have tested his next missile EOD

5 thoughts on “India down to knees ..

  1. It is a crazy world. We waste so much time protesting about things which are not important and ignore important issues.Richard Gere kissing Shilpa is a big issue and the conditions in our govt hospitals doesn’t worry anybody. Heaps of garbage in our cities is a nonissue and Abhi and Ash’s visit to Tirupati is an important issue.


  2. “Offended” is the one that got out of hand here in the US. Everyone wasted time getting offended about everything…including what is done with flags–although there are no laws about it (despite many efforts to change the constitution to “protect” the flag from perceived insult).

    And lately the big “insult” here was a chocolate Jesus. I mean, seriously, if your faith is that fragile you you probably have bigger issues to consider than whether someone made a Jesus out of chocolate.

    You know, I’m not even sure what “offended” means. That’s how overused it is. There’s no shared emotion that I can imagine all the people who use this word experiencing. I mean, I’m a lesbian, and people say something anti-gay and I’m pissed. Or maybe scared (depending on the situation). Is that the same? Is it something different? If they say something anti-atheist I think they’re idiots. Does that mean I’m “offended”? But they don’t use these words and they do seem to mean something else. Something more like “hurt, deeply and emotionally.”

    I kind of think “insulted” and “offended” are reactions for people who are weak and have really fragile egos. The self confident rarely go around worrying about such things. As pr3rna points out, there are just way bigger problems in the world to worry about. It’s almost like some folks with nothing better to do just go out of their way to look for perceived “insults”.

    Then again, is it fair not to worry about the weak and their fragile egos? And are there not other reasons to object to the “insults”, in so far as they can lead to prejudice that could actually endanger the rights or safety of a group? Maybe then…but is that the case here?

    And Richard Gere…I’ve got to admit when I finally saw the news clip it did look kind of out of line, but whatever. I wouldn’t arrest they guy over it. Though I think a lot of women would have given him a well aimed kick in a sensitive area…


  3. Seriously… the Indians don’t have any other work except to ‘catch’ the wrong people at wrong time.

    Richard Gere, Abhi-Ash’s wedding, Mallika’s dress.. all are so important to us than the issue of Pandher, Jessica murder or any other common girl’s rape.

    Hail India.


  4. Hey, I think you people are really doing a good work by contributing and spreading ethically good spirit to people.
    One day INDIA certaily will rise up-head.


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