India down to knees ..

I feel we have lost a definition of word “insult”. We are dying to find an insult in something and we are waiting for it to happen. Take our National anthem; you translate it – Insult! Instrumental? – Insult! Sung for more than 52 seconds? – Insult! Less? – Insult! Lower/higher pitch – Insult!

Most of the time I don’t get what exactly is an insult. If Mandira is wearing this is an insult, then why not those thousands tri-color clad fans acting crazy is an insult. Why those thousands of plastic tri-colors in dustbins on next day to Aug 15, is not an insult. I want to know very badly why it is insult if mandira does it, and why it is not when this woman does it.

she was in a saree — designed by Puneet Nanda of designer label Satya Paul — that had flags of all countries in the World Cup.

By the time the showers had done their two bits, Bedi was back on air with a different saree. But the damage was already done. Puneet Nanda had to apologise. “I didn’t think our flag would end up near Bedi’s foot. I am sorry,” he told

The controversy comes at a time when Akal Takht, the highest body of Sikh religious affairs, accepted the apology of Bedi pertaining to the use of a Sikh religious symbol on her body as a tattoo – DNA

Puneet Nanda tells. “I didn’t think our flag would end up near Bedi’s foot. I am sorry,” In other words that would be “I am sorry that we insulted ours, alas … It should’ve been theirs”. Just imagine what would have happened if Indian and Pakistan flags just interchanged(they are currently in lucky spot). I guess Musharraf would have tested his next missile EOD