Blank noise project

Blank noise project is one interesting thing happening around metros in India. It started in Bangalore (as I know) against all leaching, touching, pinching, stalking and “ನೊಡ್ಲಾ ಮಗಾ…@^#%@$! ” (FAQ). I did not see anyway to help these heroes, thought I ll give them some more publicity.

Basically it’s a message to women who have experienced this one or the other way.

So girls forget Orkut for a day and stand in footpath near M.G. Road.

You might get a chance to insult a pervert.

5 thoughts on “Blank noise project

  1. dude ..i support there cause but not there method …

    there is a differnce between Ogling and Eve-teasing … and if a guy ogls at a girl during one of the BNP ( blank noise project) night then that guy will be insulted and humiliated …. and he is punished for somethin which is natural .. yes Ogling is natural …

    but Eve-Teasing shud be stopped .. 🙂

    by the way as i see them i get the feeling that each and every girl in that grp feels that Leaving there brothers and Father everone else is a pervert …

    well cant say on it more ..

    By the way nice to see u bloggin regularly .. is joblessness the cause ?? 😀


  2. Maruthi bhai,
    I agree a big chunk of women population think, those who don’t know have perverted views, But that feeling comes with how society is, isn’t it ?

    I dedicate one hour a day to my blog, without any to orkut+chat. About “joblessness” I would say “Oh … I wish” (the fact: I slog). And about “regularity”, I keep posts in drafts 😉 enriched and post regularly. Thanks for the comment.


  3. Do they really stand there on M G Road? (Forgetting orkut ha ha ha)!!
    They have a good intention, I think their motto is very neat.. good going girls… Bravo!
    The lady in the second picture looks like a celebrity (the heroine in the kannada movies, laali & Nishabdha)!!


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