Believers and ‘one day vegetarians’

In India believers have some undefined dislike towards animal products into places of worship. They are not allowed into temples and places of worships. I really don’t buy the idea of we all started as vegetarians and animal lovers, but I feel they are introduced into the religion to convince the followers to show god loves animals too.

Major three or four religions in India want its followers to be vegetarians. Most of the followers successfully convince their gods, that they will be vegetarians on specific days of the week (Fridays Lakshmi, Saturdays Vishnu etc).I saw so many of them while ordering in a hotel “two Rotis … and then …hmm… today what ..??Tuesday… alright … Butter chicken!”.

People don’t enter temples if they had taken any non-veg that day, and most of them can’t explain why?

These all confusing rules, people made them and the same people find loopholes not to follow them, Then why to have them at all. Why restrict only to temples.

There are some more of them

  • Kerosene are not supposed be used in any of places of worships. They are considered to be animal product, came into form by tones of animals and plants died billions of years ago.
  • Sugar is not used in any of the Hindu religious ceremonies. The reason is sugar is prepared from Jaggery, and while doing it they polish jaggery with some animal product (I guess it is leather). So any sweet is cooked is using Jaggery directly.

I have listed certain things which are missing in those rules.

  • All gods and goddesses wear silk. All Shwethambaras and Peethambaras presented to gods are silk, which are results of boiling thousands of silkworms. Similarly honey, which is obtained killing or burning thousands of honeybees.
  • Worships are accompanied with drums, which of course cannot be made of plastic. One priest explained me (proudly) drums (and similar) have leather of camel (lizard leather for small ones) and sting instruments have horse skin (stings made out of that).
  • Krishna idols have feathers on his head. Idols have Hamsa-thulika-thalpa (bed made out of feathers of a swan), and Chamara (Fans). I am sure no peacock or swan volunteer and donate its feathers, it I supposed to be bought from a hunter

I see similar so many things, which animal loving people are forgot to mention in the books.

Two things to conclude.

We were never vegetarians originally. Sacrifice wouldn’t have had a meaning otherwise. Neither were we animal lovers (remember Ashwa-medha-yaga?). Every now and then priests get bored they create something like this ,  “vegetarians only”.

Following Friday Vegetarianism religiously is just hypocrisy.

15 thoughts on “Believers and ‘one day vegetarians’

  1. @mohan,
    Wonderful, good analogy. Agree to the fact that everything is commercialized.

    @ Veenaji,
    I am not sure here, but are Vedas written by vyasa? He authored Mahabharata. Veda is a Pagan origin of Hinduism isn’t it?

    @ Marie,

    @ JV,
    Exactly, that was a wonderful statement. “Believers believe cause its easy” non-believers need to prove why they do not believe


  2. @marie

    There again if you use cups, you dont use your tounge to slurp up the liquid – you sip one at a time.

    Just checkout the average length of an interstine of a meat eating animal like tiger,lion, its about 4-5 feet. This is because the food it takes is meat which is readily absorbable.

    Take the length of human interstine – its an amazing 28 feet. Wonder why? He eats things (supposedly) which take time to absorb and not necessarily the ready types!

    If you still arent convinced – god bless you 🙂


  3. @ Mohan
    I came across the comparison between veg mammals and non-veg mammals. Jaw structure is one more big difference we can find. ISKON has one interesting ppt on that. I guess that comment is not for me 😉 ( specially the last sentence )


  4. I see where you are coming from – but you appear to be slightly confused in your classifications. There are three.

    Carnivore – predominantly meat eating
    Herbivore – predominantly vegetable matter eating
    Omnivore – will eat both meat and vegetable matter.

    The teeth structure of the carnivore tends toward the pointy ripping type teeth (crocodiles, sharks etc); on a herbivore the are flat crushing type structures – (cows, sheep etc) and in omivores they have a combination of both (dogs, humans etc)

    Now look in your mouth and see whether or not you think you are a vegetarian by design or by choice.


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