Tested on white Rabbits!

Did you know Rabbits are only animals not capable of flushing out external stuff (chemicals etc.) in their eyes by blinking alone ! They need their paws to do that..

So if you manage to tie their paws, it makes them ideal for testing! – testing chemicals, like that hair spray you bought last weekend.

.. and those chemical R&D centre looks like this:

Animal testing

image via Arcticcat

Also, did you know there are leather factories in China who are extremely skilled to skin rabbits “alive”, and process the leather in front of heaps of half dead skinless Rabbits . These companies do not afford  10second X 10workers X 100Rabbits of additional effort needed to ensure they are dead before they are skinned. Google it if you think you can stomach it.

Believers and ‘one day vegetarians’

In India believers have some undefined dislike towards animal products into places of worship. They are not allowed into temples and places of worships. I really don’t buy the idea of we all started as vegetarians and animal lovers, but I feel they are introduced into the religion to convince the followers to show god loves animals too.

Major three or four religions in India want its followers to be vegetarians. Most of the followers successfully convince their gods, that they will be vegetarians on specific days of the week (Fridays Lakshmi, Saturdays Vishnu etc).I saw so many of them while ordering in a hotel “two Rotis … and then …hmm… today what ..??Tuesday… alright … Butter chicken!”.

People don’t enter temples if they had taken any non-veg that day, and most of them can’t explain why?

These all confusing rules, people made them and the same people find loopholes not to follow them, Then why to have them at all. Why restrict only to temples.

There are some more of them

  • Kerosene are not supposed be used in any of places of worships. They are considered to be animal product, came into form by tones of animals and plants died billions of years ago.
  • Sugar is not used in any of the Hindu religious ceremonies. The reason is sugar is prepared from Jaggery, and while doing it they polish jaggery with some animal product (I guess it is leather). So any sweet is cooked is using Jaggery directly.

I have listed certain things which are missing in those rules.