India’s oldest light house

I started loving history and geography only after I stopped studying them. Text books say Buddhism was propagated by ashoka’s sons to Srilanka, south-east Asian islands trade path. I could not see Lakshadweep Islands till 2007, how could they do with 100 BC technologies. Some of the other examples are: Big chunk of population in all those countries are of Tamilians. how ? Precedents (only those names I get to here) names are Suhardo, Sukarno, Meghavathi Sukarno-Putri etc which are almost Sanskrit. why ? One of biggest Indian temple is there in Cambodia. how ?

Some of the proofs that actually saw were in mahabalipuram. There were remains of a port, through which south Indians supposedly did trading and also exchanged culture and language. The other thing I am showing you was a light house.

Light house, of course is carved beautifully as any of other structures. It has a store room (which is not locked for avoiding illegal activities) for keeping wood dry. Burning woods (or may be coal) used to show direction for traders. It is located in such a place that entire city also can utilize light.

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6 thoughts on “India’s oldest light house

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