Educated illiterates and their corporate etiquettes.

People never learn, no matter how you pester them with the preaching of etiquettes of “civilized society”. I am not talking about rules which are imposed, but the common sense which an educated person supposed to possess.

Few days back our client CEO had come to have a look at offshore development facility. Initially he was expected

Cell Phone Usage
Cell Phone Usage

to address his offshore relationship alone. Later it was relaxed and opened for all, since he was expected to share some “gyan” on world economics. Our Auditorium has some portraits of few great people lived inIndia (of course with those etiquettes), but biggest among them all a notice “please switch off your mobiles”.

CEO was on his middle of his speech, one by one cell phones started ringing. In that air-conditioned auditorium, with the pin drop silence and imagine how irritating a high-frequency cell phone ring will be. CEO obviously noticed it, but said nothing. He wasn’t there for teaching corporate etiquettes. For him its not just irritation, it’s an insult

When one cell phone rings loudly we tend to look our cell phone for having it off, if it is not already. But that dint happen for most of the donkeys sitting in the room. After few minutes some other was getting call in “uyiren uyiren” ring tone…!!!

Luckily these idiots did not pick the call up. During my graduation one idiot classmate of mine received call and said “Darling, I am in class room … can I call you later”.

How hard it is to switch OFF? Never in my life (life started after economic reforms), people observed I was getting a call.

For all those mentally challenged, below per capita common since, I have compiled few points.

  • Switching it OFF: If you still haven’t learned how to keep your cell in vibrator mode, Switch OFF your cell phone when you are there in seminars, meetings, movies etc. (keeping it ON in religious places is left to you. It’s a very small chance that I might be there and get irritated.). Any one, who is trying to reach you, will call you again later, if it is important.
  • Silent mode. : When you leave to work keep it in vibrator mode. It is very easy to get notified when your cell is in vibrator mode, than with a ring tone, especially when you are there in traffic.
  • Make your cell phone silent in movies and public gathering. You might confuse lot other people, with “Is that my phone … which is ringing “?
  • Permission: when you get a call (of course it is in vibrator mode) and you are in a meeting, ask permission to talk to the phone. And when you are doing it make your phone conversation very short.
  • Feel free to cut a incoming call. When you do it, the person at the other end gets notified “the User you are trying to reach is busy”

Everyone knows these features and etiquettes. But nobody cares to follow, May because they read a T-shirt in the morning asking them to “break all the rules”.

Ten years are over since cell phones introduced inIndia, and you are still fascinated with the ring tone…??? Grow up…!!! And if it is for showing off, every one has a cell phone for crying out loud.

11 thoughts on “Educated illiterates and their corporate etiquettes.

  1. Hi,
    Your points are well said,

    I have been conducting tecnical seminars for about a decade now.Every time I start with a request to switch off or mute the cells, but with less success. I have now introduced marshels to collect heffty fines if anybody’s cell rings he will collect.This has shown about 50 % success.

    Well my point was its not only ill-educated but well educated also do this.They seem to have all forgotten that they have all lived happily without cell for decades.

    Now a days people have got money but no decency.Same is the problem when you are in a restureant haveing a peacefull meal but suddenly some one will start talking in a loud voice all heads turn that side.

    Well do you have any tips on the dress code for diff occations.Thats another area where in our people lack in knowledge.Sneekars and casuals have become common every where.There are many but……….. we can handle only one at a time. Over dose of any thing will become …….



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