Books for 2007

I had a plan to read at least 50 books last year. It’s not a big task with the speed I read, but it is difficult to do it with the laziness I have, with the other hobbies I have and also with the free time I get.

One great achievement is I finished fountainhead (of Ayn Rand) in Nov 2006, which I happened to start reading in Nov 2005. You should appreciate me, for the effort, patience and determination that I invested in that book. My sad and pitiable experience with that book is worth a post in this blog. (Coming soon) Those who suggested me this book shall here from me soon, and better take that books off from favorites list in Orkut.

Here are some I read…

  1. A Call to honor (Jaswant Singh)
  2. Lajja (Taslima Nasrin)
  3. Alchemist (Paolo Coelho)
  4. The monk who sold his Ferrari (Robin Sharma)
  5. Dan brown (all four)
  6. Robin cook (9 books … doesn’t make a difference which are they)
  7. Chetan Bhagat (both)
  8. Fountainhead (Ayn rand)

I think that’s all, I have read. Or may be fountainhead has erased all my memory. (Anyways I dint read more than 25) .In the above list contains most of “time pass” books. This year I have plan to read all those which I have already purchased. Hope I don’t Ctrl+c Ctrl+v the same post in Jan 2008. Please add some more to list wich i sould not afford missing.

In the line of fire (Parvez Musharruf ),War and peace (Leo Tolstoy),Prophet (Kahlil Gibran ), Meine Kemf (Adolf Hitler), George Eliot, Das Capital.

9 thoughts on “Books for 2007

  1. I have got complete work of Khalil Gibran, of A. Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy out of the books in the photo. I enjoyed The Prophet of Gibran, it will take some time understand it.

    I have also finished all of Dan Brown, Alchemist (good book), The monk who sold his Ferrari (I did not like this one as much).

    I have also made up my mind to read 50-52 books this year.

    I believe Das Kapital is by Karl Marx..!!


  2. Thanks JV,
    I had no idea when i bought that book. Just that I just heard two names somewhere in the net, Kahlil gibran, and prophet.. and I bought it. So Hope my investment wont go wrong. I really am willing to some time and money , if it pays me back sweet.

    Dan Brown books are like blogs. Informative, Read_At_One_shot. I enjoyed them. “The monk who….” was a stupid book. Alchemist, well.. I differ I did not like it at all…!!

    Can you suggest some “miss not” books, I have not crossed my investment budget yet..

    Thanks for correcting error ( I have edited the post )


  3. Thanks for correcting my error, deleting the duplicate comment.

    You have said rightly about Dan Brown, too much information, little ficition.

    Read The Alchemist after few years, you will more probably understand more. (Well, of course this is again my opinion and expereince)

    Looking to your content style and you write about India , I would recommend “Being Indian” by Pawan Varma (Penguin Books), if you haven’t. It is non-fiction, the author explains why the 21st century will be of India.

    Happy readings!!


  4. I was just smiling reading this post you c.
    I almost spent around 10K for books past 3 months. lot of book fairs & my unplanned visits to book shops etc.,
    Those on the street get my attention too.. 🙂 I have less of english & more of kannaDa. Robin sharma’s I have too..
    I heard Mega living is also good, Sapna didn’t have it., & still search is on…


  5. JV,
    I read alchemist once again recently, I still dint like it. May be I need to try again after some years.

    Thanks for identifying my interest, I write about India because I have views on just them. I haven’t read. “Being Indian”. But sounds interesting. I read a similar book called “elephant paradigm”, covering Marjory economic reforms.

    I think even I would have spent 10K if I work in Bangalore. I love the book stores over there. Whenever I come to Bangalore I make sure I visit Landmark, planet M and Gangaram’s.


  6. nice collection. what is that sanskrit book? it looks like a ‘complete reference’ series. for a change, i read a few books last year too. 2 of Dan Brown and 2 of Chetan Bhagat. lajja to some extent. it was boring stuff. so discontinued it. might read a few this year too. thinking of reading Alchemist in few days.


  7. prashanth
    I don’t feel keeping a log is necessary (may be, because I am too lazy to maintain it 😉 ). Now a days, anyone hardly have time to read more that 50 a year. Good ones you’ll obviously remember. For the bad ones… Good that we have ability to forget. I did not keep a log; I just wrote some which I recalled while writing this post.
    You need to keep a log on movies by the way…some time back I realized I am watching a movie which I watched few years back.

    Yes, I am learning three languages, German – to continue where I stopped learning, Sanskrit – for learning what I forgot and Tamil – a new one for me. As usual learning is going real slow… you know me … 😉
    Dan brown “Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” are good. The rest of two are just time-pass fictions. Hope you dint read the wrong ones. Lajja will be boring if you read the “fact files” and “breaking-news” along with the novel. Skip them and read – you’ll like it.


  8. Visit Sapna next time, they have great collections too. Landmark is good too, but FORUM nalli costly shops ide & your credit cards take a hit.!!
    WALMART can never swallow out sheTrAmgaDi alva ?


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