Udara Nimittam…

This guy is supposed to be rare, protected (inside a cage at least… forgive me PETA) and properly fed. I found this guy longing for tender coconut left-over. Though he learned to eat pop- corns and “Lays” etc. whatever we feed, there is competition from stray dogs and cattle for the same. Hence “Udara Nimittam….” To add to the story, he has also lost one of his legs.

I promised him not to mention about the place where I photographed him, in my blog. What if Salman Khan reads this post?

Title translates to : ” .. all for Hunger..” ( in sanskrit)

6 thoughts on “Udara Nimittam…

  1. Hmmm..
    I see that the picture dates back to Jun 06. Wonder what has happened to him. How did it even come to the roads? I was under the impression that these days these can be found only in the Zoos!!


  2. Hi Ramyaji,
    I guess he ran-away from a protected forest where no one keeps count. Whenever such animals are found proud Indian don’t report it. They just start mixing “masala” and spice mixes for “kabab”

    But, he is still there, ( the latest photo dint come up good ).


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