Mom…!!! what is that …??

This young socrates had lot of questions. ” what is that ? “, “How did I go inside your pencil box( he meant camera)?” and also to his mom.. , ” why is this bus ( actually boat) shaking so much ?”

5 thoughts on “Mom…!!! what is that …??

  1. Veenaji,
    thank you , Even i thought I’ll keep that title ..” innocence”.

    prashanth m,
    Thankz, this photo is not of chennai ( most of the previous ones are, though ).
    this was taken in a boat to St. Mary’s Island., comes somewhere near Udupi.


  2. Veenaji,
    Yes very true. If Page contains photo alone it looks dull. Need to come out of my hibernation and teach “my ego”. Thanks.
    Frequency one post per day is very high. It difficult to maintain that rate during working days.


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