I too can declare “Fatwa”…!!

My, god! This beauty… Freshness on face…

How can he just think about these things?

How can he (moon) compete with?

This moon (my girlfriends face)…

This moon keeps me awake whole night

While that moon does not sleep for no reason

(Rough translation of a bollywood song from the movie Tere naam)

Now this poet (lyricist) has compared moon with girlfriends face. How can he just do it?? I declare a “Fatwa” against the lyricist, Err… Who was it anyway?? Ok Chuck it… I declare it on Salman khan (because he starred the movie… that’s it … don’t ask more).

I declare all the people in the world (including those who are in cradle and also those who are in ICU) to not to hum the song / listen / watch (also any salman khan‘s). And the reasons why…

  • The moon considered being holy (don’t ask how) in our religion.

  • It is considered to calculate the human destiny and his afterlife.

  • It used to give light for lovers before candle light diner was invented.

  • One holy book has a mention on a particular page (I have not read it any way) that moon is not supposed be compared with anything.

  • And also for several other religious reasons… Which can’t be revealed to general public What authority I have?? Do I really need one..??

I also extend the fatwa on Shakespeare, who have done the same mistake (I haven’t read them either)

Note: Fatwa is an opinion (which is treated as order) which is declared by a highly politically influential religious leader. These fatwa’s are above national law. Some example which actually declared in
India lately

  1. Fatwa against authors , because they write

  2. Fatwa against national song , since ” it compares mother nation with god ”

  3. Fatwa against Republic day parade, reason is to be discovered yet.

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