The weak, the god and sacrifice

ashvam naiva gajam naiva vyaghram naivacha naivacha |

ajaaputram balim dadyaat devo durbala ghatakaha ||

अश्वं नैव गजं नैव व्यघ्रं नैव च नैव च
अजापुरत्रं बलिं दद्यात देवो दुर्बल घतकः

It translates something like this: They don’t sacrifice a horse, neither an elephant. Never ever a tiger. A poor lamb is sacrificed. God hurts only weak

Ever since God/protector was created, people wanted a way to “give back” in return to all the protection, mercy and other things he is offering. It is natural to think that god, who exists need to take something from us, when he doing so may miracles (like birth, death etc.). Now having created god, what one can naturally think about him, is “he is like us”. He eats what we eat. He likes ornaments like we do. And he likes to eat goat/buffalos like we do. This can be one answer.

The other what I can think about is. Relaxing the rules! So many religious rules, so much less time to follow. Or life is so advanced that, either one can not afford to or not allowed practice. So what the best solution is follow the rules which are convenient, comfortable. Or Change them according to your convenience and say this is actually the way.

Illustration of the Ashvamedha of Kaushalya in the Ramayana epic.
Illustration of the Ashvamedha of Kaushalya in the Ramayana epic.

Now in this context rule (bloody rule) was sacrifice is blood. There is always a concept that almighty asked them blood, but never mention when, how and where he asked. Initially there were people who were getting sacrificed. A fighting fit person will always show resistance, so women and kids. If the tribe has a feeling that they are their own, take someone from neighboring tribe. All these are about satisfying god.

As days passed, we became more civilized. We chucked human beings and started sacrifice what we tame. If it useful animal like a horse or a camel, again No. Find something where sacrifice is also some and we can eat it also later. Now what vegetarians do? Don’t laugh, they sacrifice a pumpkin!! and there is no blood in it, so put some “kumkum” (red powder) and make it look like flesh. Ultimately what people do if what is very convenient to them, and justify it.

One more point to say which is not highly relevant to the context. There is a practice that “shave off” head in some pilgrimage places. They keep justifying it as sacrificing something that belongs to them, to god. Alright why don’t you give something important… like a finger? Or at least peel off a finger nail and come back. It hurts, isn’t it? Shaving has no pain. I actually asked someone this question. He said “god doesn’t need blood”. Well he doesn’t want hair either.

All social and religious rules are written based on the rule maker’s conveniences, his beliefs and his place of living. Ultimately what followers do if what is very convenient to them, and justify it.

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8 thoughts on “The weak, the god and sacrifice

  1. if u bow more u will receive more blows,..!!!
    (in kannada baggidavanige eradu pettu jaasti.)

    ITs verymuch true. If you are kind/good then to expect world to treat you nicely is like ,..
    to expect wild bull not to harm you because you are a vegitarian. (not my words had read it somewhere)


  2. Very fitting I think: “God is the inner principle of all movement, the only identity which already fulfils and illuminates the universe. Everything is incorporated in this one principle, because it encloses infinity, it includes everything, and there is nothing that could be outside of it. ” Giordano Bruno


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