Special Instructions!

College administrations have their own way to “tame” students, and students have their own to “handle” management. Ultimately management wins the battle. By hook or crook, they implement their own degree of fascism on whole campus. Here is one example. A friend of mine mailed me “Special Instructions” of one of the engineering colleges (of India of course).

Just read and have a LOL or ROFL, or whatever you wish. If cant think of a word to comment, try “pity”.

College rules
College rules

Can you believe this part ?

Both Boys and girls should not talk to each other ..

The boys are not allowed to come with French beard and any king of fashionable/stylish hair cuts.

14 thoughts on “Special Instructions!

  1. These rules are just hilarious. I’m not sure they institute decorum as much as needless stress and unintended humor.


  2. c – Cellphone ban in hostel? Isn’t that a second home to students?
    Camera and walkman also?
    Obviously no internet either?

    e – is absolutely ridiculous. There seems to be this fear that boys and girls and cameras and mobiles can only result in “trouble” – aren’t all the students adults?

    Tell them what the teachers’ and parents’ concern are – guide them and let them live like intelligent adults. Infantalization of adults in a huge problem in India. We might get them married and they might become parents at 18, (and also vote, drive, be imprisoned at 18) – but they don’t know how to use electronics gadgets responsibly and independently?

    What is the worry? Another MMS case? Let the students know any such cases of exploitation will result in serious punishment and they will be jailed (or whatever the legal action is and should be for such a horrendous crime)

    Are they worried that the girls will get pregnant? Once again – tell then why they think they shouldn’t and how to make sure they don’t – rationally, logically and honestly. They are not dealing with idiots – these are the future parents and citizens of this country.

    i & j – are also ridiculous.

    We grew up with hair left lose, and constant interaction with boys and my kids carried phone to junior college and now in college. In these unsafe times, a cell phone is a blessing.

    And I carried a camera with me to college and have films of memories of those years – we never used to hear this kind of thinking in my times.


    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂
      True, these look ridiculous. I have seen it in a college myself when I went to present a paper as a student of course, and I have seen all these rules literally implemented and some more unwritten ones.
      Boys and girls hostels were separated by around 5 kilometres distance. They had half an hour travelling time, and 6:30 hostel gates get closed. In college bus they welded rods exactly in the middle of bus, so that boys don’t invade girls territory..

      ..and all these for what ? to suppress human natural urges? Our society will take long long time to improve .. very long !


  3. are u getting admission in that college … hope not !! or have u just come across this college rule notice ? well it looks worse than a school rules … n find it quite funny – trying to treat adults as kids 🙂


    1. No no, My college days are over. I just came across this through a mail and friends confirmed that this is not a hoax, and 100% true


  4. This is from Chennai right?

    I know a college, Sathyabama Engineering College where they enforced these rules and more. You should go to youtube and check out videos by the owner called Jeppiar!!! it is a riot…

    The saddest part is that these rules and worst ones were strictly enforced in that college!


      1. In one of the college meets he said,

        girl-girl mingle mingle
        boy-boy mingle mingle
        girl-boy no mingle jingle!

        see he created a jingle…


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