How to start your own country

If you get a chance you should create your own country, just for the sake of it.  It’s always nice to have own a country and a football team. And who will run it ? Don’t worry ! You can always blackmail rest of the world threatening to implode your own country, they will pay.

…and the context is

Can Kashmir afford azadi? – Shankkar Aiyar on India Today

Last week Kashmiris mindlessly marched again calling for azadi. It was as if the arithmetic of economics didn’t apply to Kashmir. As if someone will always pick up their bills.

In October 2002, India Today computed that in 12 years between 1990 and 2002, Jammu and Kashmir got Rs 35,571 crore in grants assistance. I revisited the numbers. Grants from the Centre doubled to touch Rs 38,156 crore in five years between 2003 and 2008. The extent of pampering is revealing.

In 2007-08 the state contributed a princely sum of Rs 533 crore as direct taxes to the Centre and received Rs 1,471 crore from the Central tax kitty and Rs 8,962 crore in grants. Its own revenue of Rs 2,299 crore will not cover the salary bill of Rs 4,389 crore.

Even without Jammu and Ladakh, azadi unsustainable. To sum up, of Rs 16,267 crore spent last year, two-thirds or 65 paise out of every rupee came from the Centre. This year the state will spend Rs 17,354 crore of which Rs 11,510 crore or Rs 11,510 per person will come from the Centre.

Compare this with the Rs 700 per capita that Uttar Pradesh gets. Worse, Uttar Pradesh will return 70 per cent of the grant while Jammu & Kashmir only 10 per cent.

So, don’t worry about money, someone will always pay for your bills and you still can march against them. So, if you are seriously thinking about creating one, here is step by step procedure :

How to start your own country
How to start your own country

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Religious tolerance – Part 2

After my previous post on Religious tolerance India, lets knock next door to check how those guys are doing.

This is latest news :Punjab govt goes after Hindu mythology cartoons

Punjab government has formed a committee which will present a report on the airing of cartoons depicting Hindu mythology and if they can be banned in Pakistan.

A meeting of the committee was held in Lahore, which discussed ways to get these cartoons banned in Pakistan.

Deeba, who attended the meeting, told The Express Tribune that participants had discussed “cartoons which glorified mythology characters such as Hanuman had a bad impact on the minds of the young children.

She said that “these cartoons were in contradiction with the teachings of Islam and young kids could not differentiate between what’s true and what’s not so these should be banned.”

A bloke asks a sensible question.

in India the number of Muslims was greater than the number of Muslims in Pakistan, so if Muslim children in India were not affected by mythology cartoons, why would children in Pakistan be affected?

True story.!! Anyway, banning in Pakistan is not at all surprise to me, they don’t  give a damn about any level of religious tolerance. May not be a surprise even for you. There is a totally different reason I shared it here, a funny one:

Pakistan has already banned (blanket ban) all Indian Channels!! All broadcasting happens in underground! and this discussion is on banning something which is already banned! Can this get any weirder ?

South Asia is Pakistan

Its a dream come true for Founding fathers of Pakistan, that it will become most popular country in the world. Tadaa, here we are now. BBC South Asia is “Pakistan and other small countries”.

Just wanted to bookmark this page for this date. I am yet to check sports page.

South Asia is Pakistan
South Asia is Pakistan

Qasab, one less evil!

Its official now, the last remaining gunman is going to get hanged, till death. He is proven to be guilty of murder (Yes, that’s what they call it!) and waging war against the nation. This is one opportunity for India to send the message across to a bunch of lunatics, “if they think about this again, they will end up eating bullets or get hanged on gallows pole.” Well delivered verdict, but action still incomplete. There will be much more drama before this verdict is implemented. In addition to this our neighbour needs to do their bit, which they promised with reluctance.

In coming days there will be lot of noise from every other corner of media, for appeal and for presidential pardon. This lunatic will be suggested with more option than he would’ve ever imagined. These are the people who do not agree with verdict on this rarest of rare cases, instead want President to pardon him from death. They generally forget how President can favour life of one alien against 166 Indians? There will be requests from Human rights groups by playing “civil society” card. True story, but not applicable for all cases. System needs to be strict with barbarians, be civilised otherwise.

Is jubilation on this news justified? I am not sure, May be it is!. It is good news for those who lost their loved ones for this religious fanatic and for those who want to send a message across the border. It is a celebration for having one less evil on this earth, the name is Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab!.

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Bicycle Repairman

There is this site, which can calculate what does the internet think on anything you wish. To start with I keyed in the same keywords any curious Indian would do, “India” and “Pakistan”.


Nothing conclusive , but good to see the results this way. On the same lines, there is one “bicycle repairman” joke on relevant to this. Here it is if you haven’t heard of it, enjoy:

Manmohan Singh and Barack Obama are sitting at a pub sipping bear. A Journalist who walks in and sees these guys and the conversation :

J: What on the earth you guys dicussing in a pub?

BO: We’re planning World War III.

J : Really? What’s your plan ?

MS: We’re going to kill 15 million Pakistanis and one bicycle repairman

J: A bicycle repairman!?!

Manmohan turns to Obama and says: “See, I told you no one would worry about the 15 million Pakistanis!”

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