Religious tolerance – Part 2

After my previous post on Religious tolerance India, lets knock next door to check how those guys are doing.

This is latest news :Punjab govt goes after Hindu mythology cartoons

Punjab government has formed a committee which will present a report on the airing of cartoons depicting Hindu mythology and if they can be banned in Pakistan.

A meeting of the committee was held in Lahore, which discussed ways to get these cartoons banned in Pakistan.

Deeba, who attended the meeting, told The Express Tribune that participants had discussed “cartoons which glorified mythology characters such as Hanuman had a bad impact on the minds of the young children.

She said that “these cartoons were in contradiction with the teachings of Islam and young kids could not differentiate between what’s true and what’s not so these should be banned.”

A bloke asks a sensible question.

in India the number of Muslims was greater than the number of Muslims in Pakistan, so if Muslim children in India were not affected by mythology cartoons, why would children in Pakistan be affected?

True story.!! Anyway, banning in Pakistan is not at all surprise to me, they don’t  give a damn about any level of religious tolerance. May not be a surprise even for you. There is a totally different reason I shared it here, a funny one:

Pakistan has already banned (blanket ban) all Indian Channels!! All broadcasting happens in underground! and this discussion is on banning something which is already banned! Can this get any weirder ?

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