Qasab, one less evil!

Its official now, the last remaining gunman is going to get hanged, till death. He is proven to be guilty of murder (Yes, that’s what they call it!) and waging war against the nation. This is one opportunity for India to send the message across to a bunch of lunatics, “if they think about this again, they will end up eating bullets or get hanged on gallows pole.” Well delivered verdict, but action still incomplete. There will be much more drama before this verdict is implemented. In addition to this our neighbour needs to do their bit, which they promised with reluctance.

In coming days there will be lot of noise from every other corner of media, for appeal and for presidential pardon. This lunatic will be suggested with more option than he would’ve ever imagined. These are the people who do not agree with verdict on this rarest of rare cases, instead want President to pardon him from death. They generally forget how President can favour life of one alien against 166 Indians? There will be requests from Human rights groups by playing “civil society” card. True story, but not applicable for all cases. System needs to be strict with barbarians, be civilised otherwise.

Is jubilation on this news justified? I am not sure, May be it is!. It is good news for those who lost their loved ones for this religious fanatic and for those who want to send a message across the border. It is a celebration for having one less evil on this earth, the name is Mohammed Ajmal Amir Qasab!.

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