Missing the fun part

General perspective of “fun” during events and travel has changed a lot, or I probably belong to older generation. Now, people are worried more on documenting fun stuff happening rather than actually enjoying them. Concern is more on bringing the proof home, what if people don’t believe you? Moreover, this documentation proof will have more weightage if it is posted on the spot, through a Smartphone!

Photography now includes a bunch of clicks in timer mode and “photographer’s” head inserted in every damn photo, of which there are four of each kind – horizontal, vertical, zoomed out and in. Just in case first one doesn’t come up well. I get more irritated when, that photographer chooses me over the timer, to do this dirty work.

past to present - at the gigs
People care too much about documenting experiences rather than enjoy them while they happen.

image via thedailywh.at

Alright, context is Xmas holidays (BTW, my status is “not going anywhere in this freakin freezin cold”). I almost booked a package trip to Europe where they promise to show six countries in seven days – on a bus! I read reviews about them, fact is – they certainly do. They keep up their word of showing you all six countries in time, on schedule. But in order to ensure that they will give you only 15 minutes for each famous place! “Ah, this is Eifel tower, there is ticket counter – be back in 15 minutes!”. This is not for me, this package for that bunch of photographers, who will manage to click fifteen hundred photos in fifteen minutes, with of course – hugging, pushing, pulling and hanging Eifel tower from a distance.

I don’t have to prove anyone that I’ve been to so many countries with so many monuments visited (from the outside). My travel idea is different– an old school one. I miss those days, when my friends had time for real travel, fix a start date/time, fix a vague destination, keep end date flexible and just start! These things don’t happen any more.

Some samples, now, if you did not understand my irritation yet:

  • please trust me on this; I am not making this up. Upon a question how was your Scotland trip, one of my friends gave feedback: “Edinburgh has nothing, just some old buildings. Rest of the Scotland just mountains and cold, total waste of money!!”
  • In Welsh trip our group “democratically” chose not to take mountain railway, since it was expensive!
  • I haven’t met a single guy who agrees with me that; a walk on south bank is better than a round in London eye.
  • can you believe Madame Tussauds is one of top ten attractions in London! All you can do here stand next to celebrity wax model and click!

Hope you guys don’t have these problems this holiday.

We all have a thing called…Internet!

Argos prints millions of its catalogues twice a year. Each one of those weigh around 2kgs has more than 1500 pages! A council says, if we collect all of them together it would looks like stack of 10000 double-decker buses. It’s not difficult to calculate the number of trees getting cut for this very luxury.

Agreed that a percentage of those coloured pages are recycled-papers and a percentage of catalogues goes for recycling. But before that, I don’t understand need of printing these, in first place! It’s UK, and almost everyone has internet access, and it’s obviously easy to search through internet portal rather than a book. Remember, books cannot have any “sort by” or “filter”.

The same (or bigger) is the story with Yellow pages. What’s up with these guys? Do they sign a legally binding agreement with government, that they will fell so many trees and distribute every human with a useless catalogue?

Yellow pages

Woman, equal pay and Dagenham

My family profession is Farming! We grew (still do) rice, cashew, coconut, banana, etc., in a village and had cattle too. That’s right! Some of my friends were astonished when I told them I milked cows and chased wild bores out of rice farms. Back in those days we had daily labours for doing various jobs in farm. There were million different jobs in farm as compared to my current profession (developer, tester and manager). Out of them only few men specific jobs, rest were common. Anyway, in any of those jobs women were paid 25% less than men, even if they did same job. When I asked my grandfather about this discrimination, he told “otherwise men will refuse to work! They need this discrimination to work”. Also, he told it is only in some phirangi countries you can expect equality. Now I am in a phirangi country and he was right, there is equality.

Right, now in the context: I went to this British movie “Made in Dagenham”, while whole town queued up for some Zac Efron flick. There was hardly anyone in this screen while I could hear Enthiran beats across the walls.  Anyways, this movie was about a small number of women machinists of Ford factory in Dagenham, making history!. This is where the ignition for “equal pay movement” happened, which swept across industrial world and government realised women deserved same pay as men for same job. Movie review: It’s awesome; I hope it will get some more recognition and awards.

image via filmofila

I was aware that a revolution like this happened in Europe, but I was totally unaware that it happened as early as 70s. That gave me a shock. Just 40 years back in United Kingdom, women were paid less than men, just for one reason – they were women! I was under impression that equality existed since centuries!

I am gonna phone my friends in village sometime and find out if things have changed.


Infographics on “History of women in workspace

Do you have Starbucks in London?

I overheard this in jubilee line, an American lady talking to a co-passenger.

“Do you have Starbucks in London?
… Staarbucks
… as in coffee house?
… in London?
… Oh you dooo!!
… Lovvely!!
… Thank God for that!!… “

It was very easy to guess the next, no points for that.

“… what about McDonald’s!?”

It’s London Madamme, not North Pole!! Every successful shop owner in US opens second branch in London. Did you know about a city called London before this, or you just read it in your boarding pass for the first time?


On a related topic let me share this Joke with this, ..enjoy.

A world-wide survey was conducted by the UN and the only question asked was… : “Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?”

The survey was a huge failure because…:

In Africa they didn’t know what “food” means.
In Eastern Europe they didn’t know what “honest” means.
In Western Europe they didn’t know what “shortage” means.
In China they didn’t know what “opinion” means.
In the Middle East they didn’t know what “solution” means.
In South America they didn’t know what “please” means.
In the USA they didn’t know what “the rest of the world” means!!!