The great fall of American Liberalism

American liberalism is now officially dead. It was not euthanization, there was no resistance; in fact, it was mauled to a dogs’ death. The more unfortunate news is that the so-called torchbearers and custodians of modern liberalism did not even put up a decent fight, instead chose to sleepwalk into whatever replaced it. While we rest it in peace, we should remember all the good stuff it achieved. It lifted billions of humans from dire poverty, gave voices to the downtrodden and conclusively defeated the theocracies and socialism. Also, let’s take a minute to remember three great wars it won in the previous century. WW1 against imperialism, WW2 against fascist/racist forces and the cold war against communist socialism.

To be honest, we all saw this coming. There were signs written all over the walls – the stories of the decline of true liberalism. For instance, do you remember once-popular bumper sticker we all flaunted? “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it ” – (attributed to Voltaire). We, the liberals, used to sing this hymn in the shower, in the gym and even in birthday parties. Now, try to recall this, when was the last time read it? It’s been a while, isn’t it? That’s because we no longer believe in it. Now, we are, kind of, okay to suppress freedom of expression as long as it is now ours. Voltaire must be turning in his grave.

I am a supermassive fan of few of the greatest humanist, atheistic and liberals of our generation. We should not forget, they all found their voices in the USA. George Carlin, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and so on. For a good part of the last two decades, I had spent hours reading their books, watching their shows and evangelizing their prophecy. I passionately agreed with everything they said, including burps. Then ‘time’ happened, it got to everyone. Carlin and Kitchens are longer serving liberal America. And today, Sam throws a white towel!

Look at his one of his recent tweets! What a degradation of liberal values! Sam is cheering for an action that fundamentally stands against core principles of liberal democracy – the liberty.

Let me provide a little background to those who chose not to follow what is happening in the USA. A Few tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, who rose to power selling the freedom of expression, chose to close the accounts of sitting precedent the USA – the leader of a sovereign nation. In other words, America and civilized world, still trust this gentleman with nuclear codes of a stockpile which can evaporate the earth tomorrow. Yet, he cannot be trusted with typing a few tweets? It’s immaterial what happened during past week or year; freedom of expression is a bare minimum prerequisite of a functional democracy. If you have doubts with that, just scroll up and see what Voltaire said, again.

We should remember Social media is ala carte meal. You subscribe only with your free will. If you no longer agree with a view of someone, you are free to unsubscribe, unfollow, you mute. You can even block an account. Now, Sam could have appealed his followers to do that. Even the bosses of Tech Giants, Mark and Jack, could have done the same in their personal capacity. Instead, they chose to deprive the freedom of expression of a section of users and their leader. This happens, even when many of the supremacist bigots worldwide can still freely express their dangerous views such as calling for harm to a section of our society.

Anyways, I wish good luck for Jack, Mark, Sam and other ex-liberals with their new membership in moral accountability council, which apparently going to take over our thought process. They will be our custodians to have the right thoughts and rights of expression and protect us from wrong ideas.

24 thoughts on “The great fall of American Liberalism

  1. The Liberal Voices are Now Being suppressed everywhere By the leftist elites. Look at the word domestic terrorist. I mean it’s hell. Nobody used it for the protesters who burned cities for black live matters. Here in India too,The vandalism in the name of farmers is ignored. The selective kind of freedom is far more dangerous than no freedom. I don’t like Trump personally but not letting him speak is not acceptable. America is dead and So is India. All the liberal democracies are paying the price for being liberal

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  2. Those Warriors were Not actual Warriors but Hypocrats and aristocrats. No Revolution has Ever succeeded in changing anything. It just replaced one system with another. The only thing which succeeded in changing is evolution. Equality is definitely an inferior idea to equity and freedom

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  3. Awesome and powerful post! I totally agree with you here. Radical Leftist Elites are doing their due diligence to take away all our freedoms and it’s terrifying! And our “woke” media call these people “Progressives?” Nope! They should be called “Regressives.” However, there are still a majority of common sense Americans, although a silent majority, we are still a majority and we are speaking out against and fighting this nonsense that today’s Liberals are trying to spew! A few of us might end up dead for it, but if so, we will have died for a great cause. Thank you so much for speaking against the childish nonsense that the overly-entitled radical left is pushing. We so appreciate you, Bach!

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    1. Of course, its been a pleasure raising the voice against the regressive. Doing my bit. Even in India they are massive head ache to all those believe in truth or even being pragmatic. Fortunately there is a lot of people resisting their monopoly over media and entertainment industry. Interesting times eh ?

      Read through few of your posts. You have a fantastic blog. Keep them coming

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      1. Thank you so much. We’re doing the same thing- raising our voices against the Regressives. We’ve already boycotted the NFL and their viewership has dropped by the millions! We’ve Boycotted Hollywood and their following has also dropped by the millions! I don’t think I’ll ever go to another movie theater again because most of them are owned by the CCP! The trick is to vote with our wallets and purses and not give them our business.

        I’m so proud of you for standing up against the filth and trying to purge it from your country. Keep up the awesome work.

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  4. I know this is an older article but it is so well put I have to say so. You’re one hundred percent correct. Liberalism has been hijacked by this faux woke-ism for the better half of a decade now. I’ve likened it a lot more to – instead of opposites left and right on a straight meter stick – it’s much more a perfect circle with the ultra fragile PC crowd and the religious right meeting and combining into a war not only on intellectuals but just free thought in general.

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