Religious tolerance

This is a million dollar photo, couldn’t help but sharing it. A Muslim mother preparing her son for a competition generally held on Krisha-Janmashtami (translation: Krishna’s birth day), a rare scene, at least for me! I have never seen anything like before.

Muslim mother Krishna son
Religious tolerance

I don’t know what level of answer it provides for the doubts raised on religious intolerance, may not be a lot. May be it is a remote case. But, this does show a straight middle finger to clerics who declare “thou shall not worship Gods of other religion”.

Credits: I don’t know whom to give credit, looks like nobody does! For the time being thanks to Jo for sharing it.

17 thoughts on “Religious tolerance

    1. Prerna,
      When I was a kid, I have been part of so many festivals and never seen my friends among Muslims and Christians participating. When I asked, they gave me straight answer “they are forbidden from doing so”!!

      All the example you and few others gave me, I think, are exceptional cases and remote.If they are widespread, its good for the society. On the same time if it does not happen, it is not exactly bad.

      India is by default tolerant. Only concern is they are made aware to be intolerant at a higher rate than to be tolerant.


      1. Well, I have a diff experience. We use to participate in Diwali, Holi and Christmas in our childhood. And majority of my good friends are non muslims. They ll sure testify the same.

        Also, we share a similar point. Tolerance doesnt mean xchanging each other’s act of rituals. One can only follow his rituals and xhange pleasentaries, prayers, wishes and develop brotherhood.


  1. My experience is a mixed bag. Though I personally would say there is no real acceptance, tolerance levels, depending on individuals and families determine these expressions


  2. divine… internet has connected us….so is open mind….many of the finest spiritual poems on Krishna are by Muslims….as colour of blood is same….imagine God as potato how you cook and what you make is your choice…basics of all paths is love only….

    love all…


    1. “God as potato” good idea, I take noodles as mine.

      Say that out loud, lets see if it accepted. you will get to here “thou shall not worship vegetables and food” !!


  3. This is commonly we can see in almost villages of the India. It is mutual acceptance of religious rituals from the heart. Most of the festivals of Hindus & Muslims celebrations will go with greeting mutually.

    Only our political systems have spoiled this.


  4. A wonderful picture.

    You know, a few years ago I would have looked at this and said “What’s the big deal? Everyone’s like that.”

    Now I know better. I’ve come across so much bigotry and hatred on the Internet that it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling to see a tolerant and accepting gesture on the part of someone.

    We need to see more instances like this – instead of focusing on the opposite.


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