India vs China – its On!

Looks like West is all ready with popcorn and Coke for next big action movie, “India vs China”. Its is now speculated that world politics of next century will be shaped by the progress and the relationship between these two countries. The Economist is the latest one to analyse the “Contest of the century” to compare the advantages and shortcomings if these two Asian rivals fight each other taking border dispute as a reason.


Contest of the century

It reads

Why shouldn’t more be asked from a place that, as well as being the world’s most-populous country, is already its biggest exporter, its biggest car market, its biggest carbon-emitter and its biggest consumer of energy (a rank China itself, typically, contests)? As for changing the balance of power, the People’s Liberation Army’s steady upgrading of its technological capacity, its building of a blue-water navy and its fast-developing skills in outer space and cyberspace do not yet threaten American supremacy

India’s long-term prospects now look stronger. While China is about to see its working-age population shrink, India is enjoying the sort of bulge in manpower which brought sustained booms elsewhere in Asia. It is no longer inconceivable that its growth could outpace China’s for a considerable time. It has the advantage of democracy—at least as a pressure valve for discontent. And India’s army is, in numbers, second only to China’s and America’s: it has 100,000 soldiers in disputed Arunachal Pradesh (twice as many as America will soon have in Iraq). And because India does not threaten the West, it has powerful friends both on its own merits and as a counterweight to China.

This totally totally looks like a pre-conflict analysis.

Even for an unfortunate (yet stupid ) reason it happens, both the countries are not ready a fight, especially not India.

All above are based on aggregate GDP and military power, which obviously are large number for these states. but if you have a look few other factors(infographics), both India and China far behind.  Hope these priorities are understood before any steps taken to show power.

India Vs China
India Vs China

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