Plant philosophy!

Cotton has designed (itself) in such a way, when it matures on the tree, it explodes to spread its seeds as far as possible. It relies on the wind to ensure its off-springs glided their way to far location than the original tree. With this it achieves two (or may be more) laws of nature. One being, the new plants grown out of those seeds don’t have to fight with its siblings, for nutritions. Other, it helps a particular species to overproduce, optimally, since it is spread across wider geography.

Thanks for my high school teacher for that philosophy, for the questions. I still don’t know the answers. How can a plant think!? How can flower can design itself so beautiful that (plus some honey) it can attract bees to achieve selfish goal? How can coconut trees (wild) get their selves grown near water, so that fallen coconuts are made to flow somewhere else, to spread family? How cotton and few other seeds are designed to glide in air? How plants have understanding on the help it can take from wind, water, insects, birds and animals.

Well, two paragraphs!!, I call it “all the Botany I know” :-). Well, people did not accept my above philosophy as answer to few questions in Biology exams 🙂 . They were looking for some Angiosperm and Gymnosperms. So I decided not to by-heart them any further, I am biology illiterate. 🙂

Any ways, below is one of those plants I believe. When matured they are going to explode those seeds at least a meter afar. That’s my guess, any one with more Botany knowledge are free to dispute, which I believe all of you.

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15 thoughts on “Plant philosophy!

        1. I am backing out 🙂 I do not have enough substance with me, as of now.
          But generally when I cant explain stuff, I rely on Scientists , at least they don’t have a motive (for evolution).


  1. That picture is beautiful.

    And if this is Biology illiterate, then I am one too.

    Another fascinating bit I find is how venous valves prevent reverse blood flow. I know it’s just a small thing, but it makes you wonder…

    And then somewhere we have modified the evolution process by becoming ‘civilised’…

    Nature didn’t mean for all the genes to be passed on and family lines to continue, I think some were meant to become extinct…


  2. it isn’t that cotton designed things. It’s simply the way nature designs things and in a way of selection. small facts that speak tons, actually. Don’t you think?


    1. every species (in natural selection) has to grow its own features for.e.g. Giraffe itself is responsible for its awful long neck.
      Thats the reason I wrote cotton itself is responsible for the feature of being so light.


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