Cooking lessons

I know cooking now.., it’s easy. Please try sometime. Rice:

  • Open the packet of rice
  • Put it in rice cooker, switch on.
  • When get switched off, eat it. If something remains eat tomorrow. If some more.. Eat the day after.. and so on.


  • Prepare Rasam
  • Add yesterday’s left over Rasam. Eat it with rice. Leftovers, add it to next day Rasam. Repeat the process till Saturday
  • On Sunday, throw the remaining and wash the utensils. Eat pizza.


  • Put maggy in boiling water.
  • Throw the burnt maggy, and eat the eatable chunk of it. Throw the rest


  • Take it from freezer and put it on hot pan. Eat it with priya pickle.
  • Use “chimrta” to turn it in pan. ( if you don’t have one , keep the band-aid ready )

See, I told you… Cooking is not rocket science.

15 thoughts on “Cooking lessons

  1. cool cooking enjoy bach enjoy
    really hilarious and you deserve an award for cookery special but series should continue keep it going


  2. finallment vous etes arive!!!

    yes cooking is rather easy
    me had experienced somethin similar as im home alone for the better part of this yr though in comparison to u im a im a chef
    i burn fingers food and milk as i leave it on the gas and get back to my pc… oblivious till i get the sweet smell of burnt food…..

    my maggi recipee
    try bolin water first then add maggy and peas
    wait a minute stir continuously till soft
    then add the tastemaker and a spoon butter and capsicum
    then turn the gas lower and mix for a half minute
    u should be done cooking so wat r u waitin for
    time to eat right out of the pot !


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