Bhagwan jab deta he

I was on a break, I am still on. It was unexpected one – thanks to Airtel, hutch and her other brothers and sisters for isolating me from the rest of the world. Looks like i will never reach a stage where I “happily did blogging ever after”

ow thank you notes.

  •  Airtel, thanks for sending a kid on tenth day to look into my modem problems. I was wondering when you are gonna change that “24X7 to service” to “once in a month service”.
  • Hutch, That was very new information, that your SIMs stop working suddenly and you your customer will loose all the data he has in it. Solution of buying a new SIM must be bringing you good money eh?

Other honorable mentions

  • Thanks for Credit card guys for auto debiting double the money I spent ( with Rs300 fine). That leaves me penniless, hmm feels good.
  • HDFC thanks for sending my checkbook to some village near Hyderabad. for me 600KM is really not a distance. And closing my account without my consent was really smart.
  • About heavy brokerage ICICI, hm thats valid. By the way did I buy anything. (This one is latest, need to talk to customer care yet)

old culprits.

  • DOmino’s broke a record , by sending a pizza after 2Hrs30Mins. I actually asked him “what made you come so early for my next order”
  • “Jon Player” have weak stitchings – in dangerous spot.

I totally agree with “bhagwan jab deta he, chappad phad ke deta he”

Come to my work, I am currently adding 15manhrs per day to Indian economy. I did it on Independence day also. Gandhiji must be really happy, clients weren’t.

15 thoughts on “Bhagwan jab deta he

  1. i do not know why u r getting such a bad service…
    dominoes and airtel give u a service guarentee and compensate u for the delays… i hope u asked for it


  2. @Aunkur,
    First thing is If I go for a complaint and fight with them , i don’t have time to follow up.
    Second, Domino’s never give their pizza free if they come late, at least not in channai. they take their own sweet time in here. I have many a times I asked for my free pizza, I never got em. Sometimes I don’t even get a “SORRY”. They are born with that attitude.

    Dude , come to channi once, lets order pizza/sub lets see how it goes. I surely dint ask for these troubles, they come free.


  3. I don’t agree with Ankur on Airtel part.
    I am yet another unsatisfied customer of theirs and while roaming they don’t have connection in most crucial places where you don’t have any other means of communication under the open sky.


  4. free aagi break togoLodu andre? adakke fees kodbeku thaane.
    Airtel, hutch innestu connections ide?? adakke idella pajeethi.

    pizza tinnod nillisri,, junkie:-)


  5. dominos pizzas in mumbai are kinda bad

    new record with me Icici has tortured me to just get a fd done
    this is a record !now they torture u to get deposits


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