Bhagwan jab deta he

I was on a break, I am still on. It was unexpected one – thanks to Airtel, hutch and her other brothers and sisters for isolating me from the rest of the world. Looks like i will never reach a stage where I “happily did blogging ever after”

ow thank you notes.

  •  Airtel, thanks for sending a kid on tenth day to look into my modem problems. I was wondering when you are gonna change that “24X7 to service” to “once in a month service”.
  • Hutch, That was very new information, that your SIMs stop working suddenly and you your customer will loose all the data he has in it. Solution of buying a new SIM must be bringing you good money eh?

Other honorable mentions

  • Thanks for Credit card guys for auto debiting double the money I spent ( with Rs300 fine). That leaves me penniless, hmm feels good.
  • HDFC thanks for sending my checkbook to some village near Hyderabad. for me 600KM is really not a distance. And closing my account without my consent was really smart.
  • About heavy brokerage ICICI, hm thats valid. By the way did I buy anything. (This one is latest, need to talk to customer care yet)

old culprits.

  • DOmino’s broke a record , by sending a pizza after 2Hrs30Mins. I actually asked him “what made you come so early for my next order”
  • “Jon Player” have weak stitchings – in dangerous spot.

I totally agree with “bhagwan jab deta he, chappad phad ke deta he”

Come to my work, I am currently adding 15manhrs per day to Indian economy. I did it on Independence day also. Gandhiji must be really happy, clients weren’t.

15 thoughts on “Bhagwan jab deta he

  1. I have recieved free Dominoes Pizzas in Delhi so no complaints with their service. Airtel broadband has never given me problems but when I ordered a router for wireless connection I got my wi-fi connection after 11 days although I was promised that I will get it within 48 hours.I had to call them 18 times and lost my temper at least 4 times. I remembered the names of all thier call centre employees by heart.


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